Fresh perspective from meeting in the flesh

While today’s Daily Mail article suggesting that Facebook (and its ilk) could be bad for your health (“raise your risk of cancer” as the sensationalist tabloid likes to put it) has already been mocked and parodied, I still think there’s an underlying lesson to be learnt. For all the wonderful levels of communication that blogging, […]

Why Should I Care?

Not all blogs are about pictures of cute cats, our latest hairstyles, tips on this or that. Sometimes we post on issues we really care about hoping in our own small way to make a difference and change minds. I notice a lot of earnest pleas for attention in blogs that miss one vital ingredient. […]

Speaking of Tagging

I’ll be in Chicago next week speaking on Tagging and communities at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, and wanted to find out if any of you will be there, but also, what it is you might like to know about using tagging to promote your blogs? For many there, it will be an introduction to the […]