4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Attended A Conference/Trade Show For Your Niche?

  1. I’ve gone to a few but have found that there was nothing new for me to learn at the time. So I haven’t been to one in a while. Maybe by the next time I go they will have “new” stuff there! Or maybe, I just keep too current for it to be a wise use of my time.

  2. We always to try to attend conference within our niche. We also attend many conferences that are in our clients niches. For example your local city Chamber of Commerce will usually hold events that are free or under $10 to get in. We always have the best results at those type of conferences because it gets you out of your usual online “circle”.

  3. For the longest time, I could never go to any conferences because I simply couldn’t afford the travel expenses. However, I buckled down one year and attended WordCamp Dallas which is a WordPress centric conference. It was also my first conference ever and it was an awesome experience. But now I’m back to the “Can’t Afford It” stage.

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