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If you have not visited the StumbleUpon home page in awhile or your user page, chances are you had no idea of the site redesign but also the enhanced functionality of the ShareThis feature. Now when you hover over a story, a little ShareThis icon appears. When you click the ShareThis button, a list of your StumbleUpon friends loads in the sidebar.

Optionally, you can send your friends a personal message including with the share. As Chris Garret mentions on the BlogHerald, could this feature come back to haunt StumbleUpon by way of abuse? The last thing I want to see when I open my browser is tens of links that have been shared to me on StumbleUpon, most of which are articles those people created themselves looking for more traffic. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think I’ll go back to the way things were before I learned about gaining traffic and that is, Stumbling things that I think are cool and worthy of sharing with others instead of Stumbling just because someone asked me to and it’s a friendly thing to do.

So what do you think of the new ShareThis functionality? Do you plan on using it as part of your traffic strategy?

2 thoughts on “ShareThis On StumbleUpon

  1. I think it looks interesting. I haven’t used stumbleupon in awhile, but I realize its an effective traffic builder so I’ll be getting back to it soon. If you got time I recommend doing stumbelupon.

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