10 Keys to Performancing’s Future Success

I added the Performancing feed to my RSS Reader almost from the very beginning and have read and watched from the sidelines during its growth. As Fall 2006 approached I was beginning to think about contributing to the community blog. It was also at that time things began to change. The awkward silence on the […]

Why Professional Bloggers Should Choose Their Clients Carefully

There‚Äôs no doubt in my mind that blogging will be an important marketing communications profession going forward. When it comes to having a good presence in the social media universe, there are simply too many benefits for a business to ignore. But most businesses will not have a clue how to actually create that effective […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – Pivot

Today’s addition to our ever-growing list of blog software reviews is Pivot, a database-less blog system written in PHP. Not needing a database could be an advantage in the ease of installation stakes, let’s see. I always think it is odd when people build blogging software or blog-related products and do not have a blog. […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – Blosxom

Blosxom (pronounced “blossom”) is another blog package that was kindly suggested for me to review by a couple of readers after the last round of blog software reviews. It is billed as a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind Let’s see how it compares. […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – TextPattern

While I was posting our previous round of blog system reviews several people suggested packages I had missed out. Well, we can’t have that can we? So here we are with TextPattern, the first of our next round of reviews. The difference this time round is we have a champion to beat in WordPress … […]

Professional Blog Hosting Explained

We can easily get caught up in the planning stages of professional blogging but it’s time to get practical. Once you have chosen and qualified your niche, planned your chosen blog monetization strategy and invented a great blog name, next job is to find your blog a home! What you need You absolutely need your […]

Starting A Professional Blog – Choosing a Niche

If the posts on Performancing have inspired you to start blogging professionally then you are going to need to decide the subject you are going to blog about. Let’s look at some ideas for choosing a niche .

Professional Blog Software Reviews – CommunityServer

CommunityServer is the second of the two .NET platform blog systems in our blog package reviews. It is also the first of the two systems that are more “platform” than “blog system”. CommunityServer is used in many high-profile Microsoft sites such as the official ASP.NET site, XBOX forums and the MSDN blogs, let’s see if […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – DasBlog

DasBlog is the first of the two .NET platform blogs in our blog software reviews. Let’s see how it matches up to the LAMP packages. Visiting the DasBlog homepage takes you to a wiki. I can understand from a content management point of view why the developers have gone this route but personally I find […]