Starting A Professional Blog – Choosing a Niche

If the posts on Performancing have inspired you to start blogging professionally then you are going to need to decide the subject you are going to blog about. Let’s look at some ideas for choosing a niche .

Professional Blog Software Reviews – CommunityServer

CommunityServer is the second of the two .NET platform blog systems in our blog package reviews. It is also the first of the two systems that are more “platform” than “blog system”. CommunityServer is used in many high-profile Microsoft sites such as the official ASP.NET site, XBOX forums and the MSDN blogs, let’s see if […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – DasBlog

DasBlog is the first of the two .NET platform blogs in our blog software reviews. Let’s see how it matches up to the LAMP packages. Visiting the DasBlog homepage takes you to a wiki. I can understand from a content management point of view why the developers have gone this route but personally I find […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – bBlog

Today’s post is the half way point in this series of blog software reviews. Yesterdays WordPress review is going to be a tough result to beat. Let’s see if bBlog has what it takes. bBlog is another PHP and MySQL open source effort licensed under GPL. While Apache is recommended it doesn’t say you can’t […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – Movable Type

In this review of the series I am looking at Movable Type. After the so-so performance of CityDesk just on reputation alone I am hoping for great things from this product. Movable Type has been around the block. Believe it or not the first version was launched only in 2001, for some reason it seems […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – CityDesk

For this first blog review I am looking at CityDesk. As mentioned in the introduction to this series of posts, there are certain criteria that I will be measuring each blog package against. Unfortunately for FogCreek software, CityDesk as a blog platform has a mixed bag of results. You can read all about CityDesk at […]

Professional Blog Software Reviews – Introduction

Over this series I will look at the various blogging systems available on the market. While there are no doubt any number of blog software reviews you could read, my focus will be on blogging software that will enable you to blog professionally and not just for fun.