Are You Missing Subscribers By Not Using EMail?

Only a tiny percentage of web users even know what RSS is and even fewer of that group actually use a feed reader. Are you missing out on subscribers by not serving the majority of your readers with an easy way to subscribe? Probably more than 80% of your readers will not arrive via your […]

Video Ads on Your Blog?

Video ads, or rich media ads have been a bone of contention among conventional web publishers for years, but as broadband penetration continues to improve, and browser/pc capability follows, it was only ever a matter of time before someone tried to jump onto the blog bandwagon with video ads. As you can see from the […]

Timing Is Everything

When we blog, it is often easy to write and post as soon as the idea comes to us. While you might be more motivated to write when you feel inspired it could be worth your while not posting right away. Any comedian will tell you, it’s not just what you say, you need great […]

The 80/20 Rule of Focus

Have you ever watched, in slow motion horror as a blog you subscribe to gets further and further away from what made you subscribe in the first place? I have, and it’s happening so frequently now that despite touching briefly on it in other posts, I’d now like to look at the probem specifically. The […]

In Text Ads – Can IntelliTXT Make Good in the Blogosphere?

News that Vibrantmedia has received $25 million in fresh funding has renewed interest in their form of advertising. Why does IntelliTxt cause so much heated debate? Bloggers are often keenly interested in another revenue stream. We are especially interested if this revenue stream can play alongside our existing advertising rather than replace it. It seems […]

Researching Niche Revenue Potential

When you think you have found a good blog niche it is worth spending some extra time to really look to see if the numbers work and if you could make money from the niche. You might want to start a blog for the love of the topic of course but Performancing is all about […]

Chitika UK Launches, Europe to Follow

I’ve been talking to Venkat Kolluri, le grande fromage over at Chitika this week, and he tells me that it’s now ok to spill the beans on their forthcoming products. Chitika UK, which will feature merchant feeds geo-targeted at the UK market, will launch on Monday 28th – Following that, Europe. These countries will all […]

Post [Adv]vertising

You’ve probably seen some blogs doing in-post advertising. Meaning that they publish a thread, sometimes with comments open that pops up on the RSS and homepage advertising some company’s product or service. Most of the time they’re crap, stuff like [adv]Free white paper! — yeh, cool, lemme read that right away, it sounds soooo interesting… […]

Knowing When To Stick and When To Fold

So you put your all into creating what you think ought to be a kick-arse-killer blog but find to your dismay that the traffic just isn’t coming. Do you stick or do you fold?

Sweatin’ The Details

Last week we had a great discussion on Favicons (funny that a 16×16 pixel graphic would be the hottest discussion on Performancing thus far). But the theories behind the differing opinions were interesting: should you skip the little things, so you can spend all your time writing content, or is it OK to ‘waste’ hours […]