Update: Guest posts on their way

Last week we announced that some probloggers behind the scenes at Performancing would be aiming to write 20 guest posts within a week.

We are well on our way. Below I’m listing the blogs on which various probloggers have agreed to write. This will be constantly updated until we’ve selected and finished all 20:

Ryan “The Lazy Ass” Caldwell

Travel Rants 7 Things I Hate About Traveling
Nusuni Dot Com: A. The Four Dimensions of A Link Portfolio B. 9 Ways To Improve Your Link Portfolio
Dieting Battle – Ten Priceless Health Tips For Getting Started and Staying Motivated

Ahmed “The Sure Thing” Bilal

Randa Clay DesignThe Art of Niche Linkbaiting
Freelance Writing Jobs – Does Blogging Pay Less Than Traditional Freelance Writing?

David “The Cherry Picker” Peralty

Geeks Are SexyHOW TO: Cheap Wireless For Your Xbox 360
Freelance Writing Jobs – What Blog Networks Look For in a Writer?
Net Business BlogMarketing Your Blog In A Saturated Niche

Dee Barizo

SEO ScoopHow Offline Distribution Channels Relate to SEO
YehudaBoard Games Are Becoming More Popular
Groovy VegetarianHow I Became A Vegitarian

Deborah Ng


Chris G.

Vandelay Design5 Skills That Boost Your Design Career
Freelance FolderMy Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes

7 thoughts on “Update: Guest posts on their way

  1. This is a superb idea and im glad someone agreed to guest post on my blog. I was out of town last week, sorry i didnt respond sooner. Thanxs, Dee for the guest post, i received it tonite, will look it over and post it. So far, it looks real good. Thanxs!

  2. One of my friends warned me that I’d get heavy flame for point number 3 in that Travel article.

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