on WordPress – Goodbye Drupal

Some of you might have noticed the change in design on This is because we’ve changed software. After many years of wondering how to accomplish this goal, we’ve transitioned from our old Drupal installation to WordPress. This is a great relief to myself, and I think many of the writers on this site. Changing […]

50 Websites That Control The Digg Front Page

When I found this story late last night, I had the sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t be surprised by the sites found on this list to be controlling the Digg front page. I and many others who have commented on these findings are indeed, not surprised by the results. is reporting that 46.6% of […]

Help Redesign The Mozilla Website

Happy Cog which is one of the leading design firms online released an update on March 11th regarding their work on redesigning the website. The update contains three seperate concept designs with the goal of each one to encapsulate what the Mozilla universe is all about. Each concept contains an explanation behind the design. […]

Icanlocalize Now Offering Localization for Drupal Powered Sites

Reaching across language barriers is one way of increasing your blog or website’s traffic and reach. We have tried this with the Blog Herald before, focusing on human translation into various languages. While it was a worthwhile activity, I must say that the difficulty was in finding able translators who could do the job in […]

SEOMoz Top 500 – Where Do You Rank? recently published their list of the 500 most linked-to domains/pages on the web. The top 10 is as follows: Just for giggles, comes in at number 11. Are you lucky enough to own or operate a domain in the top 500? If so, […]