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Some of you might have noticed the change in design on This is because we’ve changed software. After many years of wondering how to accomplish this goal, we’ve transitioned from our old Drupal installation to WordPress. This is a great relief to myself, and I think many of the writers on this site.

Changing to WordPress was a difficult ordeal, with many issues. Things still are not perfect with our WordPress installation, and we will require many more hours to perfect our new home on the web.

We transitioned from Drupal to WordPress because many writers found Drupal to be slow to publish on, and with the web moving ever faster, we wanted to make sure this site not only caught up, but surpassed expectations.

Over the next few months, you will see many great changes to this site that will bring it back to what some of the “older” folks in the blogosphere remember: a brand unlike any other.

Changing from Drupal to WordPress was the first step. We have many plans for the future, and we hope you’ll all stick around with us as we complete this journey.

I want to thank Randa Clay, the designer of our WordPress theme for Performancing, who continues to work hard to make everything not only beautiful, but functional under these odd circumstances. I also owe a big thanks to Jon Watson, of the Watsys Technology Consulting Group for writing the importer that allowed us to move from Drupal to WordPress with as few headaches as possible.

At one point, we were thinking of hiring a small piece of Asia to manually move all of our content over. Wouldn’t that have been a sight?

If you notice something broken, feel safe in knowing that we’ve probably realized that and are working on it, but we’d love your feedback and what you think of not only our new design, but the fact that we’ve changed blogging platforms. Leave a comment, and be heard.

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    1. Unfortunately not. The way Drupal was set up was to use the tag as part of the URL, and if an entry didn’t include a tag, it just showed the post title. This makes dealing with such things a pain in the neck. Instead, we are categorizing all the posts, and will be working hard on making sure Google re-indexes them under the URL. We will then be working on a smarter 404 page for content URL’s that are broken. It is definitely a long process best done in steps.

      As I am sure many people are aware of… the logistics of this whole transition was so large that it kept getting stuck in its own to-do list. So instead of continuing that trend, I dove in. There will be problems. There will be sacrifices, but I am already feeling like content management is 1000x easier, and if the other writers on the site agree, then we can focus on what really matters: great article writing and publishing.

  1. The new design is really nice. Good to see performancing move to wordpress – have the user accounts been migrated too?

    Seems like it’s far from finished at moment though – most of the menu links aren’t working.

  2. Congratulations! I made the switch a while back. Technically, it is a much smaller headache than Drupal. Since wordpress is blogging standard, it is also easier to find themes, plugins, compatible applications and the like than drupal, joomla or anything else.

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