Tracking your partners referals

Quite a few of you have asked about how to track how many users you’re refering to the Partners blog advertising network. So many in fact that we re-prioritized a little just to release this new code a bit quicker.

If you’re in the Partners program, you can see how many Partners you’ve refered by visiting: your referrers reports page which is a new subsection under reports in the main publishers section.

How referals work

The Partners program was conceived and developed by folks with a fair bit of experience in web publishing for profit. We’ve tried to build this (and indeed, are still building it) with publishers at the very heart of the system. Without you we cant do this, and our commitment to you on referals reflects that beleif and attitude.

This is from our pricing policy page

we pay a further 5% of either publisher earnings, or advertiser spend, to the partner that referred them to us. Not only that, we pay it for as long as the referree is actively displaying our ads, or buying them.

This allows you to build a strong base income independent of your own blogs advertising sales over time. The longer you’re a partner, and the harder you work to promote the program to others, the larger that residual income base will become. Good isn’t it?

  • We pay 5% of either publisher earnings or advertiser spend
  • An advertiser is considered your referal until they stop buying ads *
  • An publisher is considered your referal until they stop showing ads *
  • There is no limit to what you can earn. The more you make, the more we make
  • Only publishers displaying ads are elligible for the program, once your account is inactive for 90 days we wipe the slate clean, and any remaining advertisers or publishers revert to the ‘house’.
  • * account inactivity for 90 days

How to refer pulblishers or advertisers

It’s dead simple:

  • Make sure your partners code is on the page you link to us from.
  • Link to any part of the site
  • When a user adds their first blog, or makes their first ad buy, the referal is recorded and the deal is done.

Linking to the partners home page, publishers page or advertisers page is probably your best bet, but the mechanism works provided the partners ads are shown on the page you link from. If a reader clicks your “advertise here” button, it will also count as a referal, and indeed you can even link to that same page if talking to potential advertisers.

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28 thoughts on “Tracking your partners referals

  1. If someone has two blogs in your referrals does that count as two referrals? Or did I get a rejected blog/advertiser?

  2. Actually, i tell a lie…

    It could even be a publisher who’s removed their blog or had it auto unvalidated by the sytem, which im afraid is what happend in this case

    I had ot go check out of curiosity and realized that i hadn’t accounted for defunct publisher accounts. Sorry for any confusion..

  3. Thanks! Hopefully the advertiser spent 100 million so I get 5 million. ha ha….

    Also thanks for the quick reply. 😀

  4. If it says for example I have 200 referrals but only 199 are pictured below right where it gives your total in that section, does that mean:

    A. 1 Referral is an advertiser?
    B. 1 referral has signed up but has not added a blog yet or put the code on his page???


  5. Well, as this seemed such an important issue to so many, ‘ve just rolled some code to live that will allow any Partner to link to ANY page on and if the user you refer signs up as a blogger and starts making money, or purchases ads, they’re now in your referred partners list, and you’ll get the regular 5% of what they earn each month.

    I’ll make an official announcement in the week, as i still have to figure out where and how to provide the info you need to make the links (and hopefully some ready made buttons/banners) but for now, here’s how to do it:

    1. Go to my blogs and hit ‘edit’ on the right of your blogs.

    2. See the number in the url? That’s your blogId, and you need that number so write it down.

    3. Link to any page on and attach this to the end: ?bid=N where N = your blogId.


    I’ll make this easier in the UI shortly, but for now, there ya go!

  6. Some bloggers are already seeing ads. We’re not officially open to advertisers but the system works..

    We will officially open soon, but that does not mean a whole bunch of folks will be beating your door down to give you money. We provde the mechanism, the marketplace and as much help for advertisers to find blogs as possible but cannot, and will not guarantee people will want to advertise on your site.

    give it a few weeks and things should be where they need to be..

  7. Sorry, my question was when will Performancing Ads(ads that advertisers have paid for) appear on sites?…
    Can you give us any idea? 2007 or December? Thank you.

  8. We’ll be in beta for as long as we feel we need the label. Can’t be more specific im afraid.

  9. >>How is this going to work for small bloggers, the one without alot of views?

    You mean the program in general or the referarrrrallll thing?

  10. I don’t mean to seem picky, but since these terms relate to one of the main aspects of your business, could you please spell “referral” and “referring” correctly? It’s kind of annoying to see those words misspelled on this type of a site. Thanks much!

  11. yeah that could work (ie the active blog thing).

    I don’t envy you mate – you got pressure from advertisers, bloggers, affiliates etc etc etc.

    One step at a time I guess 🙂

  12. Yeh, in theory it could work, i just need to think it through a bit darren.

    i think we could possibly just do a check to make sure that the referer has active blogs in the system before setting the cookie

    thanks everyone, this is exactly what Partners is all about: working together to build something great for everybody — the feedback is invaluable..

  13. I appreciate the way you’re doing this (and understand why you’re doing it) – although I have to say that as someone with a blog that has almost three times as many people read my site via RSS than actual site visitors that I’m sure I’ve referred more than double what my report says from my feed.

    I do understand the reasoning (you definately want to stop spammers getting onto your aff program) but it does take a little excitement out of it. Perhaps you could come up with an affiliate link for trusted publishers or something….

  14. I see that point too. You don’t want to dilute the value for either side advertiser or publisher.

  15. True.

    Im open to suggestion, but the point is that this is only open to our publishers. Not people that just want to promote something else amid 100’s of other things on their get rich quick site…

  16. Because if I blog about it and someone clicks the link from my RSS feed it’s no good.

  17. To be clear, the link to Performancing should be on a web page that contains my partner code. So I really can’t just send an email with my code to my buddy?

  18. Typo on the eighth line from the bottom – ‘pulblishers ‘… Just in case you don’t want it showing on the front page…

  19. No

    You can link to any page on the site and gain a referal IF the page you are linking from is showing the ad code.

    Does that help?

  20. Just so that I don’t screw up…

    Are you saying (in the last half of the last sentance of your post) that if people click on the link that is created as our auto-generated “advertise here button” ex:
    regardless of where it is (like I email that link to a buddy of mine), then they will qualify as a referral for us?

    Thanks in advance

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