Performancing Partners Launches!

We were going to keep this quiet just a bit longer, just between us and 25,000 close friends you know? But the cat is out of the bag.

The Performancing Partners Blog Ad Network is open to bloggers in BETA.

Darren and Marshall have the most complete writeups and I recommend reading them if you want good unbiased opinion on what Partners is all about.

If you want totally biased, proud-father-esque stuff, you can keep reading 🙂

Performancing Partners offers publishers a new, smart way to get paid for blogging. By placing the Partners code on your blog you open your site to a wide variety of advertisers whilst being free to concentrate on what you do best: Blog…

Adding your blog is quick and simple, and if you need it, you can get help in the publisher forums.

Revenue share and residual income:

The revenue split is very simple with Performancing Partners, and it’s geared toward rewarding publishers that stick with us, and refer others into the program. The main points are these:

* You take 70% of advertising revenue your blog generates.
* Performancing takes 30%
* You take 5% of income generated by any publisher or advertiser you refer to us

Partner payouts for referrals continue indefinitely providing both you and the party you referred are active in the program. This allows publishers to build up a strong residual income over time independent of their own blogs.

Enjoy for now, much more detail over the coming weeks!

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12 thoughts on “Performancing Partners Launches!

  1. What is my blog’s “cost” – that is, what does it mean? Mine keeps going up and even though the web app says “suggested value is $1,” it’s up to about $37 as of today. I’m assuming this is how much I’d get paid to publish advertorials or ads? Is that right?

    Am confused. Thanks.

  2. I currently maintain two personal blogs. One is in English and more technology-related (mostly java and web development stuff), while the other is more about current events in my country (Mexico), in Spanish. I have added both sites to the partner network, but I think the Spanish-language site will probably not be considered too much, as it’s more regional stuff that’s going on there.

    Do you have any plans for international, regional or something similar for the partner network in the near future?

    Still, it looks like a good idea, and I wish you all (or I should say ‘us all’) good luck.

  3. Brilliant stuff, well done to the whole team. I can’t wait to start trying it out, it’ll have to wait till the weekend but I’m excited at the prospect!

  4. I’m currently struggling with low numbers on my blog. Should I wait until I get a bigger audience before trying to sign up?

  5. Congratulations. Good luck and happy business to everybody taking part in the Partners program 🙂

  6. Looks like this is going to be another successful launch. Keep up the great work! First Performancing for Firefox, then Metrics, now Partners. Any blogger would be smart to utilize these tools for a better blog.

  7. In order to get your referral you just have to be showing the partners adblock with either our house ad or a paying ad then link to any page on performancing. If the blogger or advertiser then adds a blog or advertisement you get the commission.

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