Help Test Out This Plugin

In the WordPress Tavern forum, I mentioned how I would like to see a plugin that would allow me to set a minimum amount of words a comment must be in order for it to be published. I’m sick and tired of the comments that have no meaning such as ‘Hi, Great Site‘ or ‘I’ve […]

Interview With All In One SEO Plugin Author

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the author behind the plugin, The All In One SEO Pack. This is by far the most popular plugin downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository and within this interview, we discuss the topic of SEO, what it is like to manage the most popular plugin within the repository, […]

Displaying Ads With The Show125 Plugin

One way to display ads on your WordPress powered site is to load up a text based widget with all of the HTML necessary to display 125X125 pixel banner ads. However, this can be cumbersome and a pain to manage. A WordPress plugin called Show125 helps take the pain out of displaying ads. Show125 gives […]

Performancing’s Most Memorable—January 2008

There is quite an impressive amount of quality content that has been written in the past for Performancing. Just like any great site, we want to make sure that our great content doesn’t get lost simply because new great content is written. It would almost be criminal to do otherwise. To ensure this doesn’t happen, […]

User Rank Plugin for WordPress from Performancing Plugins

Have you ever wanted to rank the users of your blog based on comments and/or post contributions? Creating a leader board for the users of your blog can provide incentive to contribute more often, and can also be used to offer performance based prizes. Performancing is pleased to release UserRank as a free WordPress plugin […]