Performancing for Firefox Update

Recently I talked about what’s in store for PFF 1.4, and we got a great response. As you know, we are working hard to get this release out the door as a solid release. To make sure things go as smooth as before, we’d like to have a series of Beta’s to get your feedback.Read […]

Performancing for Firefox 1.4 Roadmap

While we are hard at work on creating PFF 1.4, I’d like to take this moment to get some feedback from you all, pff users. Currently the roadmap looks like this Image Service uploading (flickr, Photobucket, etc.) – An Easy, single interface for uploading images. Also make it easy to add new uploading Services Edit […]

Tipping Point for Firefox Plugins?

A couple of days ago, Patrick pointed out to me that PFF had done 16,000 downloads this week, which is about double the highest i’ve seen before. I don’t think it’s at tipping point, at least not quite yet, but it did make me wonder what had caused that rush of downloads, and what , […]

Performancing Firefox 1.1.1 Bug Fix Release

Jed has been working his fingers to the bone to put the finishing touches to Performancing for Firefox 1.1.1, here is what is new and changed in this release: Post as Draft bug fixed MSN Spaces Categories now work (you’ll need to re-add your msn spaces account) Delicious now grabs the correct post, not just […]

Photoshop Tutorial Performancing Banners

After winning the recent Performancing for Firefox Banner competition, several of my fellow contestants asked me to put together a Photoshop tutorial. I happily agreed — so here goes my first attempt at demonstrating some of the techniques I utilised to create my banner. Being both a blogging and tutorial amateur, I’ve decided to take […]

HOWTO: Using Performancing for Firefox with Radio UserLand

I took a quick couple of minutes to download, install and configure the Firefox plugin called Performancing that allows you to easily post weblog content. It’s really handy and a much better solution than we currently have for Radio users. Here’s the quick “how to” guide. Download and install Firefox 1.5 as the plugin won’t […]