User Rank Plugin for WordPress from Performancing Plugins

Have you ever wanted to rank the users of your blog based on comments and/or post contributions?

Creating a leader board for the users of your blog can provide incentive to contribute more often, and can also be used to offer performance based prizes.

Performancing is pleased to release UserRank as a free WordPress plugin that assigns scores to your WordPress blog users and outputs the user rankings with a simple function. Whether you areĀ creating a personal journal or a corporate blog, the UserRank plugin will help you build an engaged community and ensure that the most valuable contributors are retained and rewarded.

The plugin was originally designed for a cash-reward contest that Glamorati will be having in the near future.

Click here for more information, and to download the plugin.

4 thoughts on “User Rank Plugin for WordPress from Performancing Plugins

  1. For those who want to encourage visitors to comments, it is worth mentioning other plugins as well.
    The whole idea is that when I comment, I want to get some reward.

    – Comment Luv shows the title of the last post of the comment’s blog
    – Commentag ( allows to filter comments based on tags (topics) which gives a much better visibility to the comments (instead of being lost at the end of a (long) list).

  2. Yeah I agree that this would be a good idea to bring in more quality comments to your site =) (Provided the prize is attractive as well.) Haha!

  3. This should be a great tool for those of you that want to encourage commenting on your blog. Everyone loves feedback!

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