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In the WordPress Tavern forum, I mentioned how I would like to see a plugin that would allow me to set a minimum amount of words a comment must be in order for it to be published. I’m sick and tired of the comments that have no meaning such as ‘Hi, Great Site‘ or ‘I’ve Subscribed To This blog‘. I’d rather have a way to simply discard these comments before they even reach my moderation queue.

Will Anderson stepped up the plate after some conversation as to what to create and he has since released the first beta of the plugin here. With this plugin, you can configure a minimum character or word limit before a comment is published. You can also enable client side javascript so when the end user tries to publish a comment not matching the required criteria, they’ll receive a popup saying so.

So far on my site, the plugin appears to be working just fine but give it a shot and let Will know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Help Test Out This Plugin

  1. so i am also tired of reading such a silly comments. I dont understand for what people write them. I guess they have nothing to do – so let them come to me and I will find them a job. Many bloggers come across this problem, so you did a good thing making this limitations.

  2. The plugin is a good idea, but its worth monitoring the drain on cpu once installing it, there are quite a few plugin’s now that are very processor intensive and can cause problems with your hosting plan. I would rather the comment be deleted than the person be told they have to write at least 5 words, which isn’t much of a comment either.

  3. I`m blogger myself and I know how it gets on the nerves what there is nothing but spam or “Hi, great site” words! I will definitely use this plugin to restrict the unecessary information before moderation. Thanks for the article ans links.

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