Displaying Ads With The Show125 Plugin

One way to display ads on your WordPress powered site is to load up a text based widget with all of the HTML necessary to display 125X125 pixel banner ads. However, this can be cumbersome and a pain to manage. A WordPress plugin called Show125 helps take the pain out of displaying ads.

Show125 gives you granular control over your ads. Some of the features included in this plugin are:

  • Display from 1 to 8 ads
  • Available in English (default) or French
  • Display all your ads together, or in an eye-candy Mootools slideshow
  • Optionally add the target=”_blank” attribute to links, if you want ads to open in a new tab.
  • Show (or not) a title for your ads block
  • Clean code
  • Add custom css class to links for styling it your way

After downloading the plugin and extracting it’s contents to your desktop, upload the plugin into your plugins folder. Then, browse to your plugins area in your WordPress administration area and activate the plugin. The settings for this plugin will be located in, DESIGN-WIDGETS where you will need to add the widget to your sidebar. Once added, click on the EDIT button which will then display the widgets configuration options.

The configuration options are pretty much self explanatory.

While testing this plugin, it did give me a few issues in which I have yet figure out. For starters. after configuring the widget to display four ad images, the link to edit the widget disappeared. This means I can not remove the widget from my sidebar unless I deactivate the plugin or delete it from the plugins folder. I’ve tried deactivating the plugin, deleting it from the server but to no avail. The plugin appears to be *STUCK* inside of my WordPress installation. Even after deleting it completely from the server and reinstalling the plugin it appeared as though the configuration was still saved inside of WordPress.

At first, this seemed like an excellent plugin/widget to mange the display of multiple ads. However, looks like there is still work that needs to be done to the widget to ensure it works properly. Use this plugin at your own risk. If it works, it’s great if it doesn’t look for something like OIO Publisher which may be more than what you need.

3 thoughts on “Displaying Ads With The Show125 Plugin

  1. After reading the comment one of the guys wrote, I’m going to wait and talk to my son before trying this. Anytime I try something new and there is anytype of problem I have to contact him and he’d rather me wait for him to get here and do it himself rather that me do it and mess up. Now you know I’m a senior citizen.

  2. I am still having issues with it, even after upgrading to WordPress 2.6. Oh well I guess. I’m going to dive into Perfads to see whats going on.

  3. I am using this plugin in my blog but found another problem with the plugin.

    It doesn’t allow all 8 ads to appear as stated. The 8th ads will disappear. After you have saved the information for the 8th ad and if you exit and reopen the plugin, you will notice that the 8th ad information will be blank. In the widget, it will only display a maximum 7 ads.

    I tried to input the data 3 times, inactive, delete and reinstall, still the same problem.

    I have written to the author but so far no new version.


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