Partners Template Code Update

If you go to your Partners blog list and hit “Get Code” you might notice the template script has changed slightly. Since launching to bloggers we have had quite a bit of feedback so today have implemented suggestions.

The most outwardly noticable difference is now you can choose the alignment of the ads in your sidebar, left, right or center, if you want to. By default it is centered and if you like it that way you do not need to touch a thing. If you do want to change the alignment just look for the part of the code where it says

var align = 'center';

.. and change ‘center’ to read ‘left’ or ‘right’ as appropriate.

Blogger Beta users will also find implementing the code far easier now. Grab the code then in your Blogger control panel go to “template”, “page elements” and add a “html/javascript” element. You do not need a title if you don’t want, just paste the code.

Thanks for all the comments so far and do keep the feedback coming.

7 thoughts on “Partners Template Code Update

  1. I just replaced the code ona bunch of my sites – I like the house ads served up by the new code a lot better – more appealing for advertisers…

  2. And in multiple places (top, sidebar, footer)

    (gimme, gimme, gimme)

    I’ve such a tiny blog for such big demands. . .

  3. Chris – now give me the ability to do vertical ads, horizontal ads, 3×2, etc. and I will be happy

  4. is it required that we use the new code on our sites? Or will everything be fine if we are happy with the old template script?

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