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Anyone who wants to run a serious blog or website needs solid information on the ever changing nature of the SEO/SEM game. If you’re looking to make it to the top of the charts on the web, you’ve got your work cut out for you and you’ll want every tip, trick and piece of advice you can find.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the Top 50 SEO/SEM Experts. These are the folks you want to keep an eye on, in no particular order:

Matt Cutts – Most of those already involved in SEO know the name Matt Cutts. He’s a Google employee who specializes in SEO issues, with a passion for the prevention of link spamming. His blog is very down to earth and filled with insight you can’t get from someone who doesn’t work at Google.

Rand Fishkin – As a major contributor to, one of the net’s premiere SEO sites, Randy got involved in the Web game back in the early 90’s. He’s been invited to speak with the engineers of both Google and Microsoft, not to mention given presentations at Stanford and NPR.

Daron Babin – After starting his career at NBC TV and winning prestigious awards in the broadcasting industry, Babin turned his attention to SEO and SEM. He’s not one of the stars of the SEO world, running WebmasterRadio.

Jim Boykin – A regular conference speaker on the topics of link building campaigns and search engine marketing tools, Boykin not only blogs about SEO/SEM, he’s built tools to help marketers along on their path to success. His down home style appeals to many, but his success is even more attractive.

Aaron Wall – One of the most powerful SEO bloggers online, Wall is the man behind SEO Book, a giant and irreplaceable resource for the SEO industry. Being featured in the Wall Street Journal and a popular speaker at PubCon speaks for itself.

Danny Sullivan – Starting out as a journalist, Sullivan went on to cover search engines in a big way. He has a podcast and also writes for Search Engine Land. The scope of Sullivan’s knowledge makes him a big favorite for aspiring SEO experts.

Barry Schwartz – Another writer for Search Engine Land, Schwartz uses his blog to track the conversations taking place at the most popular SEO forums online. He’s known as one of the hardest workers in the SEO industry.

Bill Slawski – Coming from a background in law, Slawski started out part-time, but his fascination for the SEO world lead him towards a career in consulting. He focuses on ethical, proactive solutions to SEO issues and along with lots of research and experimentation yet delivers the information in a laid back way.

Todd Malicoat – With nearly a decade of serious SEO experience, Malicoat brings a lot to the table in terms of traffic generation. He’s a specialist in how to get visitors to websites and a popular speaker at Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon who’s been featured in Inc. Magazine and the New York Post.

Andy Beal – With a specialization in online reputation management, Beal is an SEO expert who’s serviced commercial powerhouses like Motorola, GlaxoSmithKline and NBC. He’s also a forefront expert on SEM, sharing his wisdom through his popular blogs Marketing Pilgrim and SEM Vendor.

Michael Arrington – You’ve probably heard of TechCrunch, the company Arrington founded after an already successful career as a corporate securities lawyer and serial entrepreneur. He’s shaped the SEO landscape in a great many ways and continues to be a major player in the SEM world.

John Battelle – You may know of Battelle’s book ‘The Search’, a landmark in the SEO world. He’s a journalist and entrepreneur who blogs from a very stripped down site about the high gloss world of Web 2.0 and other topics. His major aim is helping SEO marketers develop towards the future of the web.

Brett Tabke – With more than three decades in the computer industry, Tabke brought his experience to bear and accomplishes great things in the SEO industry. He’s noted for for coining some major basics in the Web world SEO Themes, link farms and SERP.

Rae Hoffman – Along with viral marketing, Rae ‘Sugarrae’ Hoffman took her endless hours of time spent online and turned herself into an SEO consultant. With a flashy yet effective sense of design, her blog offers the SEO crowd a solid source of effective advice for pulling traffic.

Matt McGee – In addition to moderating for Sphinn and editing for Search Engine Land, McGee has carved a niche for himself in local search marketing. Helping companies like got the Wall Street Journal interested in what he has to say.

Rene LeMerle – Having been in the industry for over a decade, LeMerle focuses on global search engine marketing. He’s also interested in Web 2.0 helping digital marketers get their marketing efforts to pay off.

Benjamin Pfeiffer – Known as Phoenix, Pfeiffer is the owner of Rank Smart Search Marketing renowned as an business consultant and search optimizer. A veteran in SEO, he’s overseen teams of SEO pro’s and knows how to achieve massive success with a campaign.

Carolyn Shelby – Way back in 1994, Shelby was already building websites professionally. Today, she focuses on SEO for sites that are old and outdated, taking them to the next level of performance with a complete re-launch. She’s also well known in the blog radio circuit and many SEO forums.

Patrick Altoft – With the UK’s largest Internet marketing blog, Altoft has a lot of credibility on both sides of the pond. His Blogstorm has gained him so much clout that he’s been quoted by the likes of BBC News, Wired, TechCrunch and Mashable.

Michael Gray – Having started out in the online retail market over a decade ago, Gray knows his way around the net. He blogs about loads of excellent information for SEO and it’s easy to see why he gets invited to so many conferences as a guest speaker.

Bruce Clay – One of the strongest voices for ethics in SEO, Clay has established a large company that offers SEO training among many other services. His blog hosts many excellent SEO and SEM writers.

David Naylor – Not only a digital radio host, Naylor got his start doing SEO work for major corporations. He’s focused on useability in site design and getting Number 1 rankings in the search engines and teaching others how to do that, too.

Jill Whalen – As the founder of High Rankings back in 1995, Whalen is a regular speaker at SEO conferences. As a moderator at Sphinn who’s quoted by Inc. Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, she brings a wealth of experience with her.

Eric Enge – With three decades worth of tech industry experience, Enge keep his focus on total search engine compliance, never cutting corners for solid results. He’s the author of a book called The Art of SEO and a career entrepreneur.

Andrew Shotland – After starting with a site that he SEO’d to three million visitors per month, Shotland sold his start-up to CitySearch. Now he’s an expert in the area of local search, an emerging niche within the SEM industry.

John Andrews – Describing himself as a Competitive Webmaster, Andrews began as an IT professional for a non-profit that needed to spread the word. He now shares his SEO knowledge that he’s gained working for large companies and professionals on his blog.

Vanessa Fox – A prominent speaker at search industry events, Fox not only writes about search engine optimisation, she’s also got incredible experience. She helped design the Google Webmaster Central and was a spokesperson for Google.

Eric Lander – From his woodland outpost, Lander blogs about all things SEO. He’s a specialist in both local search and truly organic search engine optimization. He’s also not afraid to be controversial in his posts.

Bill Hartzer – Having been a professional writer for the tech industry and TV, Hartzer understands how search plays a role in popularity. He’s also the administrator for and a consultant for large companies.

Shimon Sandler – After starting as a marketing manager for a detergent company, Sandler decided to set out to master SEO. He’s come a long ways and is now a popular guest on Good Karma podcast who brings his major corporate SEO experience along with him.

Jaan Kanellis – As an expert in both PPC and organic SEM, Kanellis has worked with big companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN. He’s a moderator at and a real asset to the SEM industry as a whole.

Dev Basu – Starting out as a teen at Microsoft Canada, Basu brings an internationalist slant to his work. He’s experienced working for businesses at all levels, helping them establish and promote their online presence.

Kalena Jordan – The founder of Search Engine College, Jordan has put her history of SEO to work for others by teaching both SEO and SEM. She now does consulting with the aim of helping customers achieve the highest ROI for their online sites.

Kyle Bunch – Formerly a contributor to AOL’s Fanhouse, Bunch went on to run Blogebrity to cover the A-list of bloggers. He’s helped develop the SEOi toolset for users at his company SEOintelligence and also runs a sports media conference.

Jeremy Hermanns – Having worked with over 50 Fortune 500 top search engine companies, Hermanns comes from a background of working at Overture/Goto. He’s currently focused on providing the finest SEO toolset available.

Karl Ribas – Coming from a background as a graphic artist, Ribas works in many areas of website marketing with a strong focus on SEM. He mixes a strong desire to create visually appealing sites with a determination to get them high in search engine rankings.

Edward Cowell – A UK native, Cowell focuses on the latest news in the organic SEO and pay per click markets. He created Search Engine War to offer a unique UK approach to marketing online and offers lots of global search information on his blog.

Erik Dafforn – The creator of the SEO Speedwagon blog, Dafforn strives to provide ‘beneath the hood’ coverage in the world of SEO and SEM. His blog regularly delves deep into technical issues that help both advanced and beginning SEO experts alike.

Kim Krause Berg – Known as Cre8pc online, Krause Berg worked for a tech magazine’s website back in the 90’s. She’s used her experience in Quality Assurance to carve a niche for herself in SEO world where she focuses on the visitor side of quality SEO results.

Lee Odden – One of 25 stars featured in the book Online Marketing Heroes, Odden has proven himself to the level that U.S. News and Fortune have taken the time to write about him. He’s focused on the combination of good public relations and SEO.

Roger Dooley – As the consultant and entrepreneur behind Neuro Science Marketing, Dooley blends his offline marketing experience with an understanding of “big picture” SEO issues. He strives to sharpen the skills of those in emerging SEM markets.

Roger Montti – As a site auditor and reviewer, Montti focuses on commentary about the search engine industry in general. He regularly helps those who need assistance building quality links to improve their SEO strategies.

David Brown – A popular podcast speaker at SEO 101, Brown formed the Top SEO Consulting firm to work almost exclusively with large scale corporate clients. His focus is providing high ROI for those he offers SEO advice to.

James Harrison – Coming from a background in Pay Per Click and Internet marketing, Harrison freelances his SEO work using his skills as a writer. On his blog he shares his successes as he works up the rankings in the SEO world.

Jeremy Morgan – With over a decade’s worth of experience developing websites, Morgan brings his history to work for him on his blog. There he offers tips for those just starting in the SEO game and covers topics like using Bing and Twitter instead of Google only.

Roy Sencio – Coming from a background in advertising and marketing, Sencio blogs about topics to help others in SEO and SEM. His primary focus is on getting solid conversions in the pay per click marketing environment.

Steve Wiideman – As a veteran specialist in both organic SEO and pay per click campaigns, Wiideman provides several blogs to offer tips and trips to aspiring SEO and SEM marketers.

Michael Guy – As the CEO of 1SEOExperts, Guy focuses on helping webmasters fine tune their sites and raise their profiles in the search engines.

Brad Fallon – As a specialist expert in SEO, Fallon’s blog offers many tactics and tips to help those who want great search engine ranks and the traffic that comes with it.

Nima Asrar Haghighi – Coming from a background of professional SEO and SEM, Haghighi provides excellent info on his blog for SEM tips and tricks that improve your search engine rankings.

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  3. Did you mean to say that the fellow ranking number three is NOT one of the stars?

    “Daron Babin – After starting his career at NBC TV and winning prestigious awards in the broadcasting industry, Babin turned his attention to SEO and SEM. He’s not one of the stars of the SEO world, running WebmasterRadio.”

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  5. A really fantastic list !

    I had only heard of two of them.

    It’s great to have a “heads up’ about the best sources to go to, one can waste a lot of time surfing around trying to find a good source for info.

    Keep it coming!


  6. what a amazing list who is the number 1 πŸ™‚ .. my opinion about this website is this website i found many thing about seo especially to get more traffic.. πŸ™‚ very seo expert website

  7. Thank you very much for such an interesting article! My twitter account will be buzzling with all those people to follow! I expect to learn quite a few good tips from them πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t understand why Matt Cutts speaks a lot about SEO, when he works within the spam team. What I mean, am sure there are other people at Google who have much more insights (might be mistaken). I personally find Rand Fishkin’s seomoz the most informative and authorative source out there.

  9. They should be living their life to the fullest now. They deserve it anyway! Hardwork and patience: keys to success.

  10. The best SEO list I have seen. Lots of great mind. Love the way you put the information about them, with some background info, lots of different background.

  11. Stumbled your post and bookmarked it. Will go through the whole list on Sunday, but with a quick glance it looks interesting.

  12. Re-reading the list (and not skimming…) I see two I added that you got already (Tabke and Naylor).

    I would also say some noticeable exceptions would be…
    Chris Winfeld (
    Jeremy Shoemaker(
    David Klein (
    Neil Patel (
    Jen Slegg (
    Quadzilla (
    CK Chung (

  13. That is a nice list of folks – and I don’t say that JUST because I’m on it.

    A coupe other smart folks that I think are worth mention (influential to search and to me personally, though not necessarily traditional ‘bloggers’):
    1. Brett Tabke (webmasterworld btabke)
    2. Ted Ulle (webmasterworld tedster)
    3. Jake Bailee (webmasterworld bakedjake)
    4. Nick_W (founder of threadwatch)
    5. Marshall Simmonds
    6. Disa Johnson
    7. Greg Boser
    8. Todd Freisen
    9. David Naylor
    10. Scott Smith (aka caveman on wmw)

    None of these folks were huge “bloggers”, but had some great contributions to my understanding of search marketing.

    I know of quite a handful of folks that started later too, that are now great bloggers, and becoming reallly impressive search marketers as well.

    Thanks for putting me up with some good company. If you had a nice pretty logo, I’m pretty sure I’d put this on my sometimes stagnant blog and link to how awesome you think I am. Thanks for making me look good:)

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