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3 Ways Reality Trumps Law

Online, we like to talk about what that law says. Plenty of people will give you a rundown of what is and what is not considered legal in a variety of areas of law, including copyright, trademark, defamation (libel), advertising, privacy and so forth. However, for all of the talk of what the law says, […]

How to Write a Proper Copyright Notice

Even if you are completely unfamiliar with copyright law, you’re probably aware that most websites have some kind of copyright notice in their footer and, as such, you probably should too. However, anything worth doing is worth doing well and, while a copyright notice isn’t particularly difficult, doing it wrong may create confusion or, in […]

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What the Google/Oracle Ruling Means to Bloggers

Last week, Google won a major victory in its lawsuit against Oracle. The case, which centers around Google’s implementation of JAVA in the Android operating system, has gotten a lot of press in tech circles, especially for those interested in mobile devices. However, The true impact of the ruling will likely be felt by almost […]

The Contracts You Sign to Run a Site

Though running a website might seem like a solitary endeavor at times, the truth is that pretty much nobody does it alone. You’re dependent on other companies to provide you the services you need to get your site online and keep it going. However, those services are never truly free. Even if you don’t pay […]

5 Areas of Law Every Blogger Should Know

Blogging is an activity that is fraught with legal peril. Though most bloggers will go their entire lives without a lawsuit or a serious legal threat, it does happen and regularly. It’s important to remember that blogging is, for the purpose of the law, the same as running your own newspaper or TV station. Every […]

“Fair Use” and Publishing Media for Blogs and Videos

Lately I’ve been building videos of my dives in the Philippines for a SCUBA blog and one thing I’ve noticed is that it is becoming harder by the day to find a video service that recognizes fair use for ambient audio tracks. Sure there are always the royalty free audio selections but most of the […]