Have You Heard of Pheed Yet?

Think of it as an eclectic mixture of Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, and your voice memo service all in one. ┬áThis new social networking website and mobile app is gaining traction, especially among the teenage and hipster generation. States website, “Is Pheed just another new social media network to add to the seemingly ever […]

The Contracts You Sign to Run a Site

Though running a website might seem like a solitary endeavor at times, the truth is that pretty much nobody does it alone. You’re dependent on other companies to provide you the services you need to get your site online and keep it going. However, those services are never truly free. Even if you don’t pay […]


Four Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out on LinkedIn

There are several social media sites that companies need to keep updated, in order to have a good all-around social media presence. This can get overwhelming if not scheduled or delegated correctly, but fortunately, planning ahead of doing a lot of work proactively when profiles are created can make the process much easier. One profile […]

20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus

Google Plus’ 100 million users may pale considerably in comparison to Facebook’s 800 million (!) but, as is illustrated by this infographic design by Infographic Labs, there are plenty of reasons to check out what could be the next big thing in social networking. The most compelling reason would be for those who use other […]

Will the New Digg 4.0 Bring Back Bloggers?

Digg used to be one of the foremost ways to promote Web content, though after a series of changes in algorithm, many users who were bloggers, publishers, or SEOs fled. While it may not be used as much for content promotion as in the past, at least amongst my blogging and Web publishing colleagues, it […]

The Pros and Cons of Auto Tweeting Blog Posts

Back when I first started using Twitter in 2007, I had become fond of tweeting updates whenever I had a new post on my personal blog. I also tweeted everytime I made a post on several network blogs I edited and contributed to. After a while, it became tedious, and I decided to use one […]