The Pyramid of Legal Conflict

Whenever the Supreme Court rules on an important or a controversial case, the media is often out in full force and the nation, or at least those interested in that area of law, are watching very closely for the decision. The reasons are clear. A Supreme Court decision is just that, supreme. It can not […]

Social Media and Litigation

For many businesses, social media has become an indispensable part of their culture as well as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn are affordable and effective ways to promote a business, draw in new customers and keep connected with existing ones. Cost-effectiveness, […]

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3 Ways Reality Trumps Law

Online, we like to talk about what that law says. Plenty of people will give you a rundown of what is and what is not considered legal in a variety of areas of law, including copyright, trademark, defamation (libel), advertising, privacy and so forth. However, for all of the talk of what the law says, […]

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4 Questions Your Lawyer Can’t Answer

Contrary to what nearly every stand-up comedian says, the vast majority of lawyers are honest, hard-working and fair people. They offer a valuable service to their clients and to the community. They help people at some of their worst times and work hard to represent people in front of a complex and intimidating system. They […]