SplashPress Media Acquires Performancing.com

SplashPress Media Acquires Performancing.com Community and Metrics Assets

International media group SplashPress Media acquires Performancing.com bloggers community and metrics assets.

New York,NY — February 14th,2007 — SplashPress Media, owner of numerous sites including The Blog Herald, one of the oldest sites on the internet covering blogging news and new media, has announced it is acquiring the core assets of Performancing.com including the bloggers’ community and Performancing Metrics.

SplashPress Media operates and owns 30 blogs, and a variety of other online web properties. SplashPress Media has been online as a hosting company and a support agency for publishers for a few years before launching several blogs and acquiring others.

According to David Krug, “Over the last year Performancing has built up a large and loyal community of bloggers from all walks of life. They have created and provided tools and quality resources to bloggers and blogging communities. We wish to continue providing the blogosphere with affordable tools to help people join the new media revolution which is changing how we consume media. Nick Wilson, and the other Performancing founders rushed onto the scene and were quickly covered in top blogs such as TechCrunch, among others. They developed the Performancing for Firefox tool, and created a great portfolio of tools that I use to this day in my blogging. We look forward to carrying that vision forward and farther.”

Performancing.com will continue to operate as a separate division of SplashPress Media.

11 thoughts on “SplashPress Media Acquires Performancing.com

  1. Ahmed,
    Sorry I was dealing with a few minor technical issues and i still had some dns cache issues. Anyhow I’ve posted thanks so much for your feedback.

  2. Anywhere but here is my guess, Shri

    Would be good if David and co. made some announcements soon, but since they’ve just taken over they’ll probably take a while to get their way of doing things into place.

    However, just one post about buying Performancing doesn’t do justice to the community which you guys have supposedly bought Performancing for. So…updates are a must, mate

  3. Congratulations on the acquisition!

    But I couldn’t help wondering, why does SplashPress Media have no mention of this take-over?

    So where do we go from here?


  4. Congrats David, if anyone can get this site back on it’s feet its definitely you. Good luck with it!

  5. David, Thanks for stopping by the blog and letting me know what’s going on. I updated my post accordingly.

    Aren’t turn-over’s fun though?

  6. By the way. Do you happen to know where my account and Performancing blog went too? Clicking on my account takes me to Nick Wilson’s CommuniContent blog although the link to my account shows correctly. I’m wondering why it’s being redirected.

  7. I had a feeling. Hopefully this time it will work and Performancing will be able to get a leg up on things. I’ve hung there since close to the beginning and I would have hated to see Performancing sink into oblivion.

    Meanwhile I still have my modified Performancing logo sitting patiently in my sidebar.

    Hope everything turns out fine and congragulations David.

  8. Congrats to SplashMedia and yourself David .. As you probably know, I never delete stuff from my Bloglines and also read nearly every post .. “in good time” hopefully that will turn out to be “in real time”.

  9. Ahmed,
    I greatly appreciated your feedback I read nearly every post in the last few weeks by every user to really get a better understanding of the community and how great it is.

    We do plan to open source metrics, as far as the future of partners we plan on bring it back in due time.

  10. Oh well…my questions are finally answered Performancing was in danger of going down the drain – hopefully you’ll do something good with it.

  11. Congratulations on the purchase, but what does that mean on the future of the previously provided services? Will Metrics reopen? Will it remain free? And most importantly: what’s about the promised release as Open Source?

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