The Future of Performancing

First off the reason that SplashPress Media purchased Performancing was simply to give back to the community and to not see it die. We saw so much potential in the community who stood by Performancing even through the good times and the bad.

I am a blogger. I run multiple sites, and blogging is how I make my living. It is by far one of the hardest, and most enjoyable career paths to take. I travel a lot for enjoyment sake and am always willing to spend an hour or two coaching a blogger on how to monetize their site more effectively, or how to drive traffic to their sites.

Sorry for the slow updates here at first by me. I’m still feeling my way around drupal. Next, tackling a few existing technical problems. Although I think we’ve done that.

I’ve brought on Raj Dash, who’ve some of you know and a few others to share their stories in blogging. One of things I enjoy so much about Performancing is the original vision it had. To really help bloggers go to the next level. Publishing has always been a dream for me, Professional Blogging is another way for me to say Professional Publisher. It’s hard work but its enjoyable.

The future of Performancing is bright. I’m in this for the long haul. Consistent ongoing community participation by a leader is the key neccesity. Currently Performancing is my only priority.

So what lies ahead?
Without overcommiting ourselves I’d like to find a way to help give back to the community. We are planning some free resources that will help grow the depth of the community including some fresh themes for WordPress powered blogs, as well as tackling the various issues with Performancing Metrics.

Performancing Partners was not part of the sale mostly because after analyzing the software I thought we could do better by licensing software or developing something from scratch.

Performancing Blogs and the front page.
Please continue to submit to your own blogs. I will be going through daily and promoting the best content to the front page. Hopefully their will be a nice balance of fresh helpful content.

What is Performancing’s Number One
Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for ways to find new gigs. I’m working hard to rebuild Performancing Exchange so that bloggers can find more blogging jobs if they so desire. I dont want to tackle all of our goals at once. My mentality is tackling one at a time. But doing it the right way. Right now if you were me what feature, what service would you find the most value in having developed?

I look forward to being apart of the rich history of Performancing. My goal is to give of myself to help others become successful in blogging. Success is different for everyone. For me its about giving back to others. This is the most enjoyable aspect of blogging for me.

Welcome to the next generation of Performancing. The future is bright. We can make of it whatever we so desire.

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  1. As you now know Raj, this is exactly what we do at Bloggers For Hire. We consult companies on blogging as a tool, and when necessary we provide them with an expert when they need one. We are bloggers and we know what needs to be done.

  2. A very interesting idea. The only problem that I really see is that the content here that a blogger would contribute (to the home page) would be about blogging. They might use their personal Perf blog for other things, though, but these stories wouldn’t have as much exposure. And someone searching for a blogger isn’t necessarily going to want posts about blogging.

    Still, it’s an interesting idea and approaching it from a fair angle might work.

  3. Only, I am still not too clear myself…

    It’s kinda vague, dunno whether it’ll work. Need to figure out a few details and let it stew, I guess… I was more thinking of it like a marketplace for bloggers with recommendations and blogger ratings.

    Here’s a few basic thoughts:

    1. The Points system allows Bloggers to earn some reputation. Readers have the ability to dock points (with appropriate checks and balances) thus making the community self-sustaining and self-regulated.

    2. Those in need of Bloggers can then search by the Points. The higher the Blogger’s points, obviously better their Repute.
    2.1 The Repute can either be calculated using an algo or it can be community-based.

    3. People needing Bloggers for gigs can then specify range-point searches allowing to find Blogger’s by repute. The higher a repute, the higher the cost.

    This system neeeds a lot more tweaking than this, but it’s a start I figure…

  4. @Shri: brilliant idea. Like Ahmed says, headhunters for blogging. Except that these bloghunters are bloggers themselves maybe? So they really understand what’s needed and the work involved.

  5. PMetrics is one thing I’d love to see back on track, like Blaine mentioned…

    Also while we are at it, can we have a badge to put on our sites? I’d love to show-off a bit… 😀

    And themes?? I’d sure love to use a Perf-based theme for my 42 Quirks blog. I am not a developer at all, just someone who understands a bit of Tech, and the general trends. So I have to rely on the real guys to help me out with that. If you guys can come up with a customizable Perf theme for WP, I’ll jump at it…

    As for services, what I’d really like to see is an open community that recommends blogs and blog authors for gigs, instead of the regular, wanted and available boards. Somewhat like a LinkedIn meets eBay.

    Sounds weird, but just might work, huh?


  6. First, Congratulations on the acquisition and Congratulations on bringing Raj on board. Both are excellent and very wise moves.

    Second, I think the community is the most valuable thing that Performancing offers. I never got a lot out of the metrics as they were always a little off for my sites. I did like the Performancing blogging tool for a while, but I have moved to LiveWriter and find that extremely useful (for a MS tool)

    Third, I welcome back the exchange. One I have found work through it myself, and now am preparing to source writers myself.

    Fourth, I loved the points system for blogging here. It was a little goofy, but it did provide some kind of tangible incentive to contribute to the community and to follow up on a regular basis. I found Performancing to be twice as sticky when it had the point system!

    Fifth and (almost) Final, You are probably throwing a lot of darts on the boards to figure out what will stick, but have you contemplated building a monetization scheme for Performancing that shares money back to the community based on their contribution? There are many examples of this type of concept popping up all over the web. I suspect that this could be extremely powerful here at Performancing due to the quality of the community and the substance of the information. I say this suspecting some members will not like this concept as they will want to keep Performancing pure. I am definitely pro-monetization but respect the views of others. Mostly, I just don’t want to see Performancing fail for a lack of capital when the knowledge and community are worth so much.

    Last, can someone add the name ‘Performancing’ to the spell check library here in Performancing?

    Best Regards,

  7. I agree Ahmed. And as Raj and I and others have discussed we can move forward by bringing in people to share advice and learning experiences.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

  8. David,

    The most important thing, as you’ve mentioned, is the community.

    And from the Performancing that I remember, before the Metrics crowd swarmed in, was one that had several contributing bloggers putting up posts on a regular basis.

    Get the bloggers to participate and share advice again on Performancing. Metrics and Exchange are important, yes, but Performancing would still be Performancing without them.

    Without the community-based approach to learning and sharing experiences, it’s just a stats app and a job forum.

  9. Great Blaine,
    I agree a stable metrics package would be very important. It’s something I’ve been working on and hope to have a solid beta soon.

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