Science Machine: A Source of Inspiration

I am willing to bet that Chad Pugh, creator of “Science Machine,” did not think that his 40 hours of work would get such an intense reaction of awe and appreciation after publishing it to Vimeo nearly a month ago. Who knows what he was thinking. One thing is now certain though—his hard effort and dedication has inspired many of those that have watched it. Yes, it has probably been on the front page of Digg, but it is still worth watching again. It might not be life changing for any of you, but it really has given me a boost in motivation as of late—perhaps it will do the same for you. Check it out after the break.

Science Machine – Director’s Cut from Chad Pugh on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Science Machine: A Source of Inspiration

  1. I am trying to do some simple logo designs within Illustrator still. I could only imagine the possibilities if I had a tablet.

  2. playing with graphics always gets the creative juices going especially if for some reason you might have writers block :O

  3. I only wish I had graphic design skills like that. Unfortunately, I manage an EPIC FAIL at most when it comes to that sorta stuff. My greatest experience comes from UserBar designs that I have done in the past. Remarkably, some of those might look good to a few you.

    It kinda takes me back, and now I am thinking about creating a userbar for Performancing members. You can show your support on forums everywhere. We shall see.

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