Peformancing PMetric’s New ‘Daily’ Features

If you’re new to Performancing’s PMetrics web analytics service – or simply haven’t checked your stats panel lately – you might not know about some of the new “daily” features in the Dashboard section. You can see them in the screen snap below, in the green-highlit area.

Both sections show daily metrics that can be viewed in 30-, 90-, and 180-day windows, and offer numerous options to compare against:

  1. Visitors
  2. Actions
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Links
  5. Domains
  6. Searches
  7. Traffic sources
  8. Countries
  9. Cities
  10. Hostnames
  11. Organizations
  12. Web browsers
  13. Operating systems
  14. Screen resolutions

The “Daily visitors” feature refers to the number of unique visitors. The “Daily actions” feature refers to the number of page views. If you select one of the compare options, you get a chart that shows the Daily values (visitors or actions) visually compared to the selected metric.

These graphs give you a handy way to compare web site traffic trends and to see spikes. You can also see cumulative stats elsewhere in the Dashboard, if you chose a range in the date drop-down list at the top right.

Not signed up for PMetrics web analytics? Try out the demo, then register. The basic package is free and includes a 21-day trial of premium features – including the eye-catching Spy feature. Premium packages allow you to track more sites, at higher traffic levels, and start at only US$2/month.

4 thoughts on “Peformancing PMetric’s New ‘Daily’ Features

  1. T. Eastman: Sorry to hear that. The person doing the support for PMetrics will hopefully look into that.

  2. The service sounds really interesting, but there are some major bugs to work out. At the home page you are given the choice of login and register, but if you use the wrong register link, it takes you to login instead. The links appear to be crossed somewhere. Then once I got past that problem and found the working link, I filled in all my information. It kicked out my username because I used a period (.) as part of the username (no other punctuation), and it gave me a message saying that punctuation is not allowed, except for periods, underscores, etc.

    Once I took out the period and completed the registration, I pressed enter and was taken back to the login screen. I tried using the login information I had just provided, and it doesn’t seem to recognize me. VERY frustrating!

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