10 thoughts on “Do You Prefer Seeing Images Within Blog Posts?

  1. Well, I guess the results are definitive. Images appeal to most people! I am a firm believer that images should only be used if it helps to move along the story, breaks up content, or is directly related to the content.

  2. Ah, I had to have an error eventually. My girlfriend usually nails me for them, and we were, ironically enough, discussing how well I have done in avoiding errors either last night or the night before. I jinxed myself!

    Then again, I could nail you because periods and commas do not go on the outside of “quotation marks.” So, now we are even! Canadians say they were taught that the commas and periods go inside the quotation marks from their teachers as well. This rule also applies when using just a single word at the end or showing emphasis.

    So now, yes, we are even! 😀

  3. That’s “complements”, not “compliments”. Unless you have a talking picture. “Hi, fantastic topic you’ve got there, mate.”

    But yes, most definitely. I try to include them whenever possible, particularly images/ data visualization.

  4. I try to make sure my clients always use an image with every post. Sites like boing boing and the Gawker sites have sort of made this a reader expectation.

    Most people are visual learners anyway, and an arresting image can help keep your meme or theme in their heads. It’s the same as effective Powerpoint usage.

    The image selection formula I follow is: plug a keyword into a flickr search set to creative commons only, then sort results by “most interesting.” I often need to hunt through a few pages if the keyword is something abstract, but I always find something worthwhile. Don’t forget your attribution!

  5. I do enjoy images in posts, especially if they compliment the topic. What I find extremely annoying, however, is the constant stream of YouTube clips. I tend to eliminate blogs from my blogroll that do this.

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