Predictive “River of News” Added to Attensa

I have mentioned before how I like to use Attensa for managing my news feeds but that it lacked the “river of news” view. Well what do you know those clever folks have come out with a new beta including this function but have made it all smart and stuff. Check out Attensa 1.5!

Attensa’s predictive ranking AttentionStreamâ„¢ technology continuously observes and analyzes explicit and implicit behavior as you read and process RSS articles. By continuously analyzing AttentionStreamâ„¢ data, including the time and frequency that feeds are accessed and articles read, deleted and ignored, RSS articles can be displayed in a prioritized list based on the likelihood that they will be of interest to you. Feed priorities are constantly refined as the continuous stream of attention is processed.

So unlike the normal date-ordered river of news you see in other readers this actually works out what you are most likely to want to see first. And you know what, it actually works.

The beta is free and anyone who contributes to the beta program gets a free licence of the final release. If you are an outlook user like me it is well worth trying out. I wouldn’t be without it now.

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  1. BlogBridge announced version 3.0 for this friday/today yesterday. Don’t know what to expect feature wise but my tension is growing 🙂

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