Killer Blog Titles

I love titles. I love writing them, and love seeing truly great ones in my RSS reader, which is why i’ve been enjoying Brian Clarks Magnetic Headlines series, and thought I’d link a few and add a few more good resources for writing killer blog titles.

  1. Why You Should Always Write Your Headline First
  2. Using Titles Effectively on Blogs
  3. Blog Titles are Ads
  4. The Cheaters Guide to Great Headlines
  5. Blog Content Tip: Titles Are Everything
  6. Make Blog Titles RSS & Search Engine Friendly
  7. Do Keywords in Post Titles Really Matter?

Good titles go hand in hand with linkbait, the art of getting others to link to your content,

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2 thoughts on “Killer Blog Titles

  1. I am trying to set up a blog for the first time for my new business. This was helpful. Thank you. Still don’t know what to call my blog tho… Decisions. Decisions.

  2. You won’t get inbound links from all your posts (high rankings via inbounds) so you need to optimize your blog titles the best you can.

    I put together a Title Optimization WordPress plugin that enables you to balance having a quality title that will pull click though traffic with having a shorter title that is a key phrase that gets lots of taffic. It adds a substitle field to the write post page (between the title and post field) and combined the title and subtitle together on the blog post page.



    Check it out Nick and let me know what you think.

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