Two New Ways to Integrate Digg Into Your Site

Lifehacker published Two new ways to integrate Digg into your site. For people who have these ‘digg me’ links on their page it might be interisting to tweak these links to add pre-defined values like title, description, and topic.

Another option is to show off how many diggers have dugg that page and to allow a one-button-push digg. This is done through embedding a little script.

The original page at “digg – the blog”: Integrating Digg Within Your Website

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19 thoughts on “Two New Ways to Integrate Digg Into Your Site

  1. I can’t get the thing to work with IE. Sure, if I click the top part that has the number of diggs, it does take me to the story on their site. However, if I click the “Digg It” portion on the bottom, I get 404 and it says javascript null. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it seems to be busted. Works like a charm with Firefox, but that does me no good when most of my visits come from IE browsers. Even if they click it they’ll say ‘hey, this thing doesn’t work – what kind of mickey mouse site is this’

  2. I think that is the true question. There are tons of great ways to add the ease of Digg submission to the blog. But I don’t know if anyone has cracked how to get on the front page yet. I’m not asking to ‘Game’ digg. But I am interested if front page posts tend to have certain common characteristics.

  3. It sucks because there can be multiple digg stories that link to the same URL, so I’m willing to bet that Digg could never be able to automate the little ‘digg It’ widget. For example, there are already two Digg stories for ‘’ – albeit, they’re old. I could submit that URL again if I wanted. How would the Digg widget know which story to send the digg to? >:P

  4. @markus – it’s not your fault!

    Fortunately, as they said in the blog post, “Expect to see further enhancements to both of these tools with the upcoming release of our API.”

    Yeah, I do hope so

  5. @Greg and others: I am very sorry to have led you on the wrong path. I just thought (dead wrong) that the dev team at digg would be smart enough to take the permalink and allow to digg a story by that.

    As I said above:

    That’s sooo stupid. This way the script can’t be embedded in the templates. Forget about it. Too much manual work.

  6. I thought this was a pretty cool thing when I first read the story. It sounds super handy to include a little ajazy “digg it” link on the bottom of your story. But the truth, as Chris and Dave found, is that this tool works SOOOOOOOO poorly. You have to go digg every article, then paste in this little snippet of code, copy the URL of the digg story, then paste in the URL. That’s just painful.

    On the flip side, there is the Service Links module for Drupal that makes some of this stuff easier, though not as easy as I had hoped.

  7. @Chris and Dave: That’s sooo stupid. This way the script can’t be embedded in the templates. Forget about it. Too much manual work.

    @Nick: Left sidebar 200 x 200 😉

    I think for the readers a simple link would be quite useful.

    Also a link to make an article a Technorati favorite might be OK for people using Technorati.

    I am not a big fan of digg anymore. Content wise digg doesn’t give me any value – only time consuming discussions.

    RFE for PMetrics: I would love to add blogs from other users to my metrics. A kind of internal If stats are public a link to the stats and the blog rank would be nice.

    RFE: Naturally internal favorite articles would be nice. Rank articles by stars, impressions and incoming traffic.

  8. So what would you guys think the best approach for performancing would be were we to implment a digg jobbie on this site?

  9. I think it is looking for a digg url rather than the url of your post? With the url of my post it shows “not found” error

  10. @Chris: Paste the variable of your blog system for the article permalink at the place where URLOFSTORY is.

    I don’t use it but URLOFSTORY looks like the perfect place for an URL to submit.

  11. I think the shame about the digg widgets is you have to supply a digg url so the posts in my archive can not make use of this? Am I wrong?

  12. @John: You do not answer the important question if the promoted service also offers that new digg feature.

  13. Great that Digg has upgraded to allow the add form to auto-fill. If you’re looking for multiple bookmarking options for your readers, check out Popmarks as a way to add multiple social-bookmarking options to your post-footer neatly and easily.

  14. Thanks for posting about this – I didn’t even realize Digg had a blog. My main blog isn’t about a topic that could be dugg – but a new one I might start is!

  15. Thanks for this Markus, I had completely missed it. Pretty neat little script they have there.

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