Is Your Blog’s About Page About the Right Stuff?

When was the last time you read your blog’s About page?  It’s easy to forget that page when you’re busy writing fresh blog posts, but your About page is one of the most important destinations on your blog.  When visitors land on a post in your blog, they’re likely to read the content, possibly click through to read some more posts if they like what they found, and then what do you think they do?  They check out your About page to see who is behind all of this great content!

Therefore, you need to make sure your About page is always current and tells your story in the best way possible.  The About page is not the place where you should be modest.  Instead, use this page to truly promote yourself, your experience, your skills, and your expertise.  Sell yourself so anyone who reads your About page understands why you are the person to be writing about your blog topic and the vast value and knowledge you bring to the online conversation.

With those tips in mind, following are few elements your About page must have if you want people to believe you’re an authoritative source for information:

  • Your background and experience: Try to stay focused on experience related to your blog’s topic.  Lead with your strengths and your biggest accomplishments that prove why you’re capable of writing about your blog’s topic.  You can always include personal details at the end of your About page if you want.
  • Links to your online content other than your blog: Demonstrate the reach of your online presence and let people get to know you better by providing links to other websites and blogs that you own or write for.
  • Links to your social networking and twitter profiles: Invite people to get to know you better and communicate with you further by providing links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking profiles.  Make it clear that you welcome new followers and connections.
  • A contact form and/or your contact information: Make it easy for people to get in touch with you by providing a way for them to communicate with you in a manner other than leaving a comment on one of your blog posts.
  • Your picture: Don’t be shy.  Including a picture of yourself on your blog’s About page makes you seem more ‘real’ and allows people to feel like they know you as a person not just as a bunch of words on their computer screens.

What do you have in your blog’s About page?  Are there any other elements that you think are essential to creating a great About page?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Is Your Blog’s About Page About the Right Stuff?

  1. Thank you for keeping this simple.

    I have been trying to crystallize my blog with the help of my co-editor but needed some quick points I could do to guide me in the right direction. I mentioned this post on my blog so hopefully someone else can benefit from you as well.


  2. Some great tips here, Susan – especially mentioning links to other websites apart from your blog. I’ve noticed from my own personal experience that the more links you provide in that section, the further your ‘reach’ looks. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the great summary of what is important in the ‘About’ page. I have put it on my things to do list for this week to review mine. I never did add my social links.

  4. I have never really thought about my About Page in that way. There is so much more that I could add, as I am progressing through my Internet Marketing career.



  5. Hi there,

    I receive your thoughts about blogging per email and that for a long time now.
    I always read them with great pleasure. Man, what a strong continous stream of good ideas!
    Keep up the good work!


    Kees de Haan

  6. Thanks for the timely reminder! I recently launched my blog and still need to add my picture and social networks to my about page. I just put it on the “to do” list 🙂

    Great article.

  7. I need to update my About page to reflect how the blog has grown and how I’ve grown and learned things too.

    It’s easy to develop an ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’ about these pages because most of us don’t spend much time looking at our own About page.

    Because I visit so many blogs as part of the editorial work I do at The Daily Brainstorm, I know that the general public relies on our About pages a lot!

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