How to Find Expert Sources or Be an Expert Source for Blog Stories and Publicity

Did you know there are free resources that bloggers can use to find experts and professionals as sources for blog posts?  Did you know that these same free resources also allow you to offer your own services as an expert source, which gives you a great way to promote your blog both online and offline?

Consider this scenario — you’re writing a great blog post, but you need an expert to help you get the facts straight or provide a quote to take the post to the next level of authority.  Where do you find an expert?

Consider another scenario — you want to increase exposure for your blog, build your authority and your blog’s authority, and boost awareness and traffic to your blog by providing quotes and interviews to journalists, bloggers and publishers.  How do you do it?

The free online resources below can help you find experts and become an expert source for other publishers:

1. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO is a free tool that journalists, authors, publicists, businesses, and more use to find sources and offer services as topic or industry experts.  You can submit your requests for sources using the form on the HARO website.  Each day, members are sent emails listing requests for experts and sources.  You can respond to any request that you’re qualified for.  Just follow the individual response instructions published with each opportunity.  Follow the link to learn 5 tips to help bloggers maximize HARO.

2. ProfNet

ProfNet is a service offered by PRNewswire.  You can register for a free ProfNet account and then browse through submitted requests for experts and sources or publish your own requests. You can follow the link to learn how to create a ProfNet opportunity.

I have used both of the free tools listed above and recommend both to bloggers who want to find expert sources and promote themselves as expert sources.  For example, many of the real-world stories and case studies included in my book about social media marketing come from ProfNet and HARO calls for sources.  Through those requests, I met people and heard stories that I wouldn’t have found on my own, and I broadened my own online network in the process!

Have you used HARO or ProfNet?  Leave a comment and share your story.

4 thoughts on “How to Find Expert Sources or Be an Expert Source for Blog Stories and Publicity

  1. Really handy information for people out there looking to increase their media coverage.

    However the UK’s most popular site for experts wanting to alert the media to their existence is – which is Ranked No 1 with almost every search you can make on the internet for ‘Media Experts’

    Expertsources attracts over 200 enquiries from journalists every day – and there are no extra forms to fill in when needing expert comment – just login and search from a glossary of around 35,000 thousand specialist keywords that registered experts have included. There you will see their phone numbers & email address ( + Photo & Biography & Website link) to contact them quickly.

    For Further information please call me on 01438 311758
    Bob Mills, Editor, Expertsources

  2. My goodness, what a lot of useful information, it must have taken me a good half hour reading the content. I will certainly look up some connections listed – thank you

  3. Hi Susan,

    What a great idea. We all want a little more traffic to our site/blogs so this a no brainer really. I will have to check these site’s out and see how it can improve my traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this idea.


  4. Thank you Susan for posting these great resources. Coming up with quality content is
    a constant struggle and it helps to go to the same places the big networks go to.


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