How Important are Social Media Reviews?

How Important are Social Media Reviews?

It turns out that social media users place a lot of trust in what their friends are saying online about products, businesses, and services. So much so that Bing now integrates reviews from friends of users who are searching for a specific business or service. Even though a recent new study came out that suggests […]

Combining Public Relations and Social Media

How to Combine Your Public Relations and Social Media Strategies

Social media and public relations have some of the similar duties– they both deal with community awareness as well as damage control (when it is needed). Because of this, it can be beneficial for companies to occasionally combine their public relations and social media messages to further increase a positive brand association and to address […]

Have Blog Reviews Tainted the Image of Bloggers?

In my life as a blogger, I’ve been sent a few items for review, like books, gadgets, food items, coffee and software. Some of these have been given to me gratis. Some, I’ve had to return. Most of the time, I review items that I’ve bought myself, especially if these are related to the niche […]