3 thoughts on “How to Truncate WordPress Posts without Creating a Partial RSS Feed – Post Teaser WordPress Plugin

  1. The Teaser plug-in is capable.

    I also suggest taking a look at a plug-in called Excerpt Editor. It is marvelous, and as a dedicated user, I believe it is one of the best WP plug-ins.

  2. I use a similar plugin to do the same thing and I love it. I can have more posts on my homepage, because the excerpts don’t take up so much room. And I still have full sized posts in my feed.

    I like that the plugin makes each post excerpt the same length so that all of them are the same size physically. Makes the page look neat and organized.

  3. Thanks for the tip Susan,

    I currently don’t use a plugin for a post teaser. I just use the more tap in the wordpress bar. I am the only one that actually writes on my blog so not sure if this will benefit me.

    I may give it a try and see if it will help me out.

    Thanks very much


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