How to Find Guest Post Opportunities For Your Blog

Guest posting is a great way to increase traffic, network with other bloggers, and build links. But how do you know which blogs are good guest post opportunities?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of guest posting for various blogs so I thought I’d share what I learned from my experience.

Check Blogs For Previous Guest Posts

The strategy that worked the best was checking blogs to see if they published guest posts previously. If a blog had published them in the past, then there was a really good chance they would publish my guest post.

You can search for “guest post” if the blog has a search box. If not, you can type in “ guest post” on Google to search the blog.

This strategy also helps because you can get an idea of the kind of guest posts that are published. You can then use that information to create similar content.

Investigate Forums

Blogging or internet marketing related forums can be a good place to find guest post spots. I had success finding some opportunities on the ProBlogger forum.

My Blog Guest forum is another good option. I like it because it’s caters primarily to guest bloggers. It was recently created by Ann Smarty, a prominent search expert, and she’s attracted a good number of quality sites looking for guest posts. I’ve already gotten a post published on a PageRank7 blog.

In forums, you’ll find many off-topic blogs so you might have to do some digging to find a blog in your niche. To save time, you can create a thread saying you’re interested in guest posting and hope that a relevant blogger finds you.

Also, if your niche is relatively obscure, you may not find a related blog. Still, you can get good off-topic links, which is fine for SEO just as long as you get them from trusted sites and you don’t overdo it.

Over to You

How do find guest post opportunities for your blog?

7 thoughts on “How to Find Guest Post Opportunities For Your Blog

  1. Would it be wise to offer guest blogging in my own site. Is it advisable and also, would that also have a good impact on traffic and ratings. I do suppose that would depend on the quality of the blog…

  2. I find most of the blogs in my niche from forums. Forums are great place to find blogs that allow guest authors and also other bloggers for your blog when you can’t update your blog or go to vacation.

  3. Awesome post, thanks for the info! I’ve actually had several guest post requests on one of my blogs but didnt even really know what they were talking about! Now, thanks to you, I think I’ll get in touch with them. Also, I wanted to ask you- are off-topic links good in regards to SEO or do you recommend searching and posting just on-topic links? I always thought that just having as many links as possible was the way to go but if getting good on-topic links is best then I may need to revise my strategy.
    Thanks again!

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