Great Example On How To Launch A Site

Jean-Baptiste Jung also known as the guy behind the site and a great member of the WordPress community has shared his success story on how he launched his relatively new site, I know that Performancing readers are always interested in learning new techniques or ideas when it comes to promotion or marketing so be sure to read his post and jot down some ideas.

One thing in particular worth pointing out is that, Jean proves my point in that asking to exchange links with someone doesn’t work as I’ve explained before. When reading his success story, notice how he wrote a guest post on not one but, two different blogs, each being related or in the case of SmashingMagazine, somewhat related to his site. This enabled his subscription count and his pageviews to increase much more than a simple link that was added silently to the sidebar or the footer.

4 thoughts on “Great Example On How To Launch A Site

  1. Sure it doesn’t hurt to ask but given the limited success that you could hope to achieve, your time is best spent implementing other methods of promotion.

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