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A few days ago, I caught wind of a new podcast a friend of mine was co-hosting called the SitePoint Podcast. As the name would suggest, the podcast is produced and hosted by some notable members within the SitePoint Community such as Brad Williams, Stephan Segraves, Keven Yanks and Patrick O’ Keefe. The four sometimes three get together every other week to discuss the latest happenings within the world of web design, web development, and more. I’ve just listened to episode 3 A Richer Web. Although the content was over my head, the audio was of top notch quality. In fact, it may have been too good as at times, I heard some low level bass being produced but nothing too distracting. Each member of the show did their part to produce a quality 30 minute recording filled with great discussions between the co-hosts.

Brad has been a friend of mine ever since he stopped by to help me out with my WordPress Weekly podcast and I’m glad to see him continuing to pursue his interests in podcasting. If you are interested in web development or design, you’d be foolish not to subscribe to the SitePoint podcast in iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Podcast For Web Designers/Developers

  1. You’re welcome guys. Keep up the great work. Perhaps if I listen to a few more shows, I’ll pick up on the web design/dev lingo and learn a thing or two.

  2. Saw your note on Twitter and came here to find the writeup. I think this qualifies as our first official review! Thanks for the very kind words.

    As Brad said, we’re still experimenting with the formula, so we’re anxious to hear what people like yourself think of the show.

  3. Thanks for the nice write-up Jeff! This podcast has been a long time in the planning stages so it’s exciting to finally launch it! Podcast is tough work, but we’re getting better with each show 😉

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