Google Getting Gamed

For whatever reason, I was doing the following search on Google: “can women take Tylenol while pregnant”

Now, Google has gotten pretty darn good at returning relevant top 3 search results. So good, that I’ve taken it for granted.

But I encourage you all to reconstruct the search that I did above, and to look at the NUMBER ONE FREAKIN’ RESULT.

Assuming that this will be fixed within a few days of being identified, I present the following:

Cached page
Original Link


5 thoughts on “Google Getting Gamed

  1. Isn’t this more of a case of a government website having more “trust value” than their competitors? Obviously this is either a hack, xss, or someone internally is doing something shady…

  2. it’s a great example of how much we trust google to get things right (because let’s face it, they do get it right most of the time), of how difficult it is to get search technology right and that there’s still room to game Google

  3. Remove the quotes – searching for something with quotes doesn’t usually get you the most accurate results anymore. In the old days, it was an almost surefire way to find a site talking about what you wanted to know about. Now, Google does such a good job that searching with quotes may just turn up fairly irrelevant (or low quality) results with the phrase you are looking for.

    I used to use quotes when searching… but their time has mostly passed (except for searching for whether other people have pirated your content)

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