The Best SEO Article I’ve Read All Year

Sometimes you don’t need to write an article because someone else has done it perfectly. And sometimes you read the perfect article that you just have to share with everyone else.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered that article in 21 SEO Tips For 2007 (pdf)

Even the vast majority of linkbait written these days is 99% fluff and if you’re lucky you’ll find one new piece of advice or useful bit of information.

But GaryTheScubaGuy has written a truly insightful, “every word counts,” 33 page article detailing what works and what doesn’t work for SEO and web promotion in 2007.

Check it out. It’s a must read gem.

3 thoughts on “The Best SEO Article I’ve Read All Year

  1. Pay $20 bucks on RentACoder to someone in India or Romania and you can have someone write it out for you on Microsoft Word

    For personal use, of course – I think if it’s that good you can spend that much to get it in printable format.

    Don’t know if there’s a paid copy (which would be unprotected) available, but there should be.

    Have to read all of it, but it looks good from what I’ve seen.

  2. Scribd removes the printing permissions and allows you to download and print it. Just make it private so that others don’t mistake your submission for your own content.

    :EDIT: Dang, I was wrong. Just tried it and the security was not removeable. Sorry!

  3. Looks like a great article. I was hoping to print a copy off and pore through it, highlighting as I went, but the copy I downloaded seems to have the print function disabled? Is this deliberate on the part of the author, or just my software playing up? And if the former, is there any chance of re-releasing in a more usability-minded format?

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