Three Things Bloggers Should NOT Neglect …but almost always do!

A while back I wrote an article called 5 Surefire Steps To Increase Readership 300% (or more) and I remember being personally challenged by the article.

The fact is that some of those steps don’t come naturally to a lot of bloggers, including me.

Since writing that blog entry, let’s count how many of the “suggestions” I actually followed:

1. Interview Other Bloggers

Well, I haven’t really done a single interview in the 2 months since writing that article. I am in the process of changing this by interviewing David Krug about his new approach to online business. Keep an eye out for the interview over at

2. Offer To Guest Blog

Nope. Nada. Haven’t done it. Guess I was waiting for an invitation.

3. Run A Carnival:

Nope. Not me. But Raj has started the Carnival of Internet Pros which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Let’s hope we can keep that up.

4. Encourage Reader Participation

Hmmmm. I guess I’ve done an alright job with this at Performancing by asking the community some questions.

5. Become a Listener

Terrible. Terrible. Embarrassed. What else can I say. Well, that’s the point of this post:

Listen and Participate

Today I asked an SEO friend, Dee Barizo, how he’d recommend launching 8 new websites that I’ve just started. His response? Submit to social media sites? Nope. At least not as the main strategy. Old fashioned linkbuilding? Nope, not exactly. Here’s what he said:

I would have bloggers spend a lot of time commenting on other related blogs even if their content production drops. The web is becoming more social and getting those blogger contacts is gonna be more and more important, since they can give powerful contextual links (the best kind of links, by far)

Got that? Even if content production drops. Keep paying them. But redirect them to focus on building social nets that will lead to readers and niche-relevant links.

And now to satisfy the title of this post….

Three Things Bloggers Should NOT Neglect

1. Participating, daily and over long periods, in the comment sections of the popular blogs in your niche.

2. Linking *in every article* to at least two other relevant articles on related niche blogs.

3. Developing conversations with readers and other bloggers by asking questions, participating in debates, stirring up controversy, or whatever it takes.

And stop the damn monologue already;-) kk?

One thought on “Three Things Bloggers Should NOT Neglect …but almost always do!

  1. 4. Participating in the conversations of their own blogs (or hire someone to do it if you can’t).

    5. Email other bloggers in your niche and build a rapport by offering your help with something on their blog – I started off a couple of great blogging friendships by simply offering WordPress and SEO advice to fellow niche bloggers.

    6. Blogging is 10% reading, 20% writing, 40% promotion / branding / management and 30% hard work. Don’t neglect the other 90% by spending 2 hours a day reading RSS feeds.

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