Do you still rename your images for SEO purposes?

Renaming images

It has been an age old SEO trick to apply the same article tagging principles to images. This is done by simply renaming an image file from the default IMGxxx.JPG or DSCxxx.JPG, depending on what camera we’re importing from.

Although photo uploading services allow you to insert tags, there’s nothing like good old search juice from Google’s image search feature. A question — how meticulous are you with renaming images you upload to your blog’s hosting? Do you rename the entire file, go as far as the alt="" description? Do you do this all the time, to all your posts, with no exception?

A personal practice is renaming images only when I feel that I have a scoop. Say, if I covered a product launch for my technology blog, that’s the only time when I rename all the photos I took and batch export them from iPhoto through sequential exporting so that the images are automatically tagged with the desired name plus a corresponding number (i.e. Nokia_phone_1.jpg, Nokia_phone_2.jpg and so on).

17 thoughts on “Do you still rename your images for SEO purposes?

  1. I started doing this on one of my website’s a few months ago and am seeing traffic growing. I have also seen an increase in RSS readers. I’m not sure if it’s the images or something else that I done.

  2. I think renaming of images is a waste of time, and I stopped doing that a long time ago. It didn`t get me anything else than a lot of visitors that stayed only a few seconds on the site; a person googling for images aint interested in clicking on ads or reading, so then what is it good for? Nothing, imho.

      1. If you are adding images to your website or blog, all images should have short alt tags describing what they are. This helps both, people with visually impaired disability and search bots understand that they are relevant to the rest of the content on your page.

        If possible, use your focus keyword in at least one image on the page, but only if it’s an accurate description of the image.

        Don’t forget to rename your file before you attach it to your page (example blue-shoes.jpg instead of dc00001.jpg) and use the title as well for further optimisation. This will further enhance your SEO for ranking purposes and also help with driving traffic to your site/blog via Google image search.

        I have a blog post on my website that may help you find the information you want. Here’s the link 6 Crucial On-page Ranking Factors and Best Practices

        Hope this helps!


  3. I do this all the time and get traffic from Google images and Yahoo images searchers all the time. It’s works for me

  4. I think that it is always important to rename your alt tags but they need to be tastefully done or it could come back to bite you. Always label exactly what is going on in the image without worrying too much about keywords.

  5. I have read this from a blogger maybe last week. I learned that renaming your photos will help in the optimization of your keywords. From now on I will follow this practice in order to have a higher ranking and to get targeted visitors to my site.

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