Digg in a Hole

So if you hadn’t realized what a complete bunch of arse this whole “wisdom of crowds” bollocks was previously, you can see it in action as Digg takes a slamming due to nothing more than its own popularity.

My friend Peter sums it up well:

The lunatics invade, the system breaks, authoritarianism replaces democracy. Eventually, your founding mission statement becomes rather comic

Apparently Digg have taken steps, but is it just an interim measure, what happens next time?

2 thoughts on “Digg in a Hole

  1. It’s not just open apps that are prone to this. Online communities of all sorts are prone to degeneration — cranks move in, reasonable people react badly, factions form — and it takes some deft management to keep things fresh, vital and productive.

  2. Kevin Rose explains how digg works in TWiT epsiode 51. The problems you mentioned are being addressed in both a patch by patch and holistic fashion. It is a grand experiment worth watching. Perhaps like Swedish arctic balloon explorers, White Star Line ship launchings, etc. But still, it worth the experience.

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