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Dammit. I just went on a little post frenzy and totally forgot about a small feature we built into the new PFF 1.2: Namely the “powered by performancing firefox” attribute you can enable in the settings tab.

A small thing for sure, but for anyone kind enough to want to help us spread the word, a simple way to do it without even thinking about it….

Keen observers will note that the html actually gives the “powered by” a CSS classname aswell, so you can conceivably style it any way you wish. And if you manage to do something neat with it, do post a link here…

powered by performancing firefox

7 thoughts on “Powered by Performancing Firefox

  1. the one in the comment(160×32) is good for displaying in the sidebar.
    the one which is almost the height of regular text(160×16 on the banners page) looks more suited for “powered by” attribute. did the required changes to my blog.

  2. i had noticed it while browsing through the interface and had written about it in my post here.

    how about keeping a set of images on performancing website that people can use in place of the current stale-looking text link?

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