Performancing Firefox 1.2 Final!

Performancing Firefox 1.2 Final!Performancing Firefox 1.2 Final!
    After a great beta run, we are pleased to announce the release of Performancing for Firefox 1.2.

    We hope you enjoy this release, as it brings some more key functionallity and stability to performancing to make your blogging even better.

As always, once you’ve given it  a spin, head to the forums and let us know what you think.

Update: I’ve added a section on getting inline spellchecking in Firefox and PFF.

New features in 1.2

  1. Image FTP Upload
  2. Basic Metrics Chart viewing
  3. improvements (Currently there are issues with the service)
  4. API url autodetect
  5. Much improved stability and performance.
  6. Fixed PFF from promting password on firefox startup (for masterpassword users)
  7. Optional “Powered by Performancing” tag insertion.
  8. Better category support for other blogging platforms.
  9. Quick File FTP upload (under Performancing in the context menu).
  10. Bug fixes for trackbacks.


Install Performancing Firefox 1.2

Image Upload

In PFF click on the Image Insert button on the toolbar.

You will then be prompted with the following window:

Click on the “Upload to FTP” Option and click the ‘browse’ button to locate the image you would like to upload.
If you haven’t done so yet, click on the ‘Settings’ tab and configure your FTP settings.

Now go back to the ‘General’ tab and click on “upload image” to start the upload process

Once successfull your new URL will be generated.
You can either Copy the URL manually or click on the ‘Insert Image’ button to add it to your current posts content.

Image and File FTP uploading is currently limited to one FTP profile
configuration, multiple profiles will be added to the next beta or
version release.

API Autodetect

A new addition to the Account Wizard is ‘autodetect’.
While you can still manually configure your blog account, PFF will try and find your API URL and settings for most common blogs.

First enter your blog URL into the textbox:

Then click next or “Check URL”

If your blog settings were found, you will presented with the API URL and blog settings.

Note: Please
note that autodetect support may not work on many different blog
platforms, specifically Drupal, Old MovableType installations, and a
few others.

Quick File Upload

Along with FTP Image upload, we have added a very usefull utility called “File FTP Upload”.
You can access it from the main Firefox context menu under “Performancing -> FTP File Upload”.

Once launched you will be presented with a dialog very similar to the ImageFTP Upload dialog.
Click on “Browse” to select the file you would like to upload.
Once uploaded you can either copy the URL that was generated, or click the “Copy URL to Clipboard” button. improvements

In previous version of PFF, you would frequently get an error returned from the service called Error #3.

We’ve fixed this, and you should now have a much more seemless interaction with Thanks to our community member Theo for helping us with the fix.

Installing Spellcheck

Many have expressed their interest in Spellcheck integration with PFF, please follow the following steps to successfully get inline spellcheck to work in Firefox 1.5.x and PFF.

  1. Uninstall any version of Spellbound you have installed then restart firefox.
  2. Install this version of spellbound (spellbound-dev_20060108.xpi)
  3. Restart Firefox
  4. Try typing into a text field and misspell a word, it should now be underlined.
  5. It it is, hold the ‘Ctrl-key’ down and left-click on the word to see the suggested spellings
  6. If it didn’t work (no red underline), go into the extension manager (Tools->Extensions) and go into the Spellbound preferences and make sure you have a dictionary selected. If you don’t have any dictionaries installed then go HERE to install more dictionaries.

Let us know if you run into any issues.

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14 thoughts on “Performancing Firefox 1.2 Final!

  1. On the metrics screen of the Perfomancing 1.2 plugin, the first square reads “VISTITORS” I believe it should read “VISITORS“!!


    Thanks guys for the best plugin EVER!!!!

  2. Assigning the Dictionary on the manual spell options and then one more restart did the trick. Thanks for all your work!

  3. Yes you can use it to spell check your blog posts in PFF, I am using it successfully. It does take some fiddling to get the thing to start working, make sure your dictionary is properly setup and you need to close firefox and reopen it after installing anything or changing settings

  4. Is the Spellbound install supposed to now spell check inside the Performancing typing window? I can only get it to work in a browser window and I thought the instructions implied that we would get spellchecking within the editor itself.

  5. I’ve just included a section on enabling In-line Spellcheck, let me know if you run into any issues.

  6. @saritamar,

    Unfortunatly no it doesn’t, my first implementation of it seemed a bit unstable and didn’t make the beta so I opted it out for inclusion this release.

    However since 1.2 has now been released, I will be working on it, and will PM you when I have a build you can test to make sure it’s rock solid. Sorry about that.

  7. Does this version include a right to left writing direction support for Hebrew and Arab bloggers?

  8. If I have a WP hosted on my own server, where does the upload function store the files to? Does it use the same directory as wordpress or will it be a separate one?

  9. This all looks great but the biggest thing that’s stopping me from using Performancing is spell check.

    I can’t spell and rely upon the spellbound plug-in for Firefox to help hide that fact from as many people as possible.

    But the standard contextual menu (right click) is replaced with a limited (and useless to me) menu inside of the Performancing plug-in.

    Please add spell check or give me back my spell check option in the contextual menu.

    (This message only had one misspelled word!)

  10. Awesome work Jed, this one puts PFF head and shoulders above ANYTHING else paid or free out there right now i think

    well done, and thanks!

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