Yahoo’s Lame Feeds

UPDATE: See here for the details, but the short version is it’s an old feed not being redirected: Newer feeds are full text.

Speaking of Yahoo, i was reading my feeds this morning, when not for the first time, I got terribly irritated with the Yahoo Search Blog. Irritated because to actually read the story I was interested in, i had to click through to the damn web page!

Sheeesh…. I have my Feed reader, deliver appropriate content to it. Include ads if you wish, i won’t mind — but man, Yahoo of all companies should be delivering full feeds shouldn’t they?

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9 thoughts on “Yahoo’s Lame Feeds

  1. Okay, I’m not sure that we ever advertised that URL, but I’m glad to know what the problem was.

    I’ll see about doing a redirect. I assume it’s doable, but we’re on a bit of an odd hosting setup. (Migrating that is on my todo list…)

  2. Well, not my feed reader, just an old feed by the look of it:

    That url doesn’t appear in the source code, but i’ve been subscribed for a long time, so i guess it must once have been there — if you click it and view source (or put it in ur reader of course) you’ll see the descriptions are truncated.

    Jeremy, thanks for noticing — you may want to put a 301/2 on that url cos I’m not the only one…

  3. I just subscribed in Newshutch and full posts appear. You must have your feed reader set to display descriptions instead of full text.

  4. Nick I just subscribed to the feed in Feedreader 3.05. It works fine for me. Sorry I can’t confirm this. :/

  5. I’m also reading the feed for the Yahoo! Search blog. I do get the full text feed though at What URL are you using?

    Looking at the feed source I see that the description is truncated but the content is full text. Is your feed reader picking up the wrong thing? What reader are you using?

  6. Yahoo seems to miss the clue in the last years. Their strength once was to offer basic services, pretty ugly but fully functional. Today they start offering polished, slow services with bad function.

    I don’t understand that. I used to be a big Yahoo fan because of their simplicity combined with great features.

  7. That’s why I don’t like Yahoo! Groups anymore. They include only one line of a message into feed.

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