Writing For Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Clue

What a great article written by Deb Ng over at FreelanceWritingGigs.com which is a little ranty at times but explains the perils of writing or working for someone who doesn’t have a clue. In this piece, Deb explains what it’s been like for her to write for someone who doesn’t have a clue about blogging. Notable quotes from her story are:

During the same conference call we were discussing ways to bring in traffic. I talked about building backlinks and guest blogging, writing good content, you know, the things that bring in traffic. Hot Shot Tech Guy interrupted to say, “Forget about those time wasters, you only need to get on Digg a few times.


We discussed platforms and she said she was picking the most blogger-unfriendly one in the world, Drupal. I suggested she try WordPress but her tech guy, who never blogged in his life, told me WordPress wasn’t a good blogging platform.

That last one made me laugh as the tech guy suggested that WordPress was not a good blogging platform. Thankfully, I have not had the opportunity to work for someone as clueless as some of the people Deb has worked with. I would end up banging my head against the wall to put me out of misery. However, Deb finishes up the article nicely by highlighting five tips for those wanting to start a blog network but don’t know how.

  1. Read a few blogs
  2. Research a few blogs
  3. Research different blog platforms
  4. Learn what it’s like to own and run a blog network
  5. When hiring writers…

After checking out Deb’s post, come back and let me know if you have ever had the privilege of working for someone who doesn’t have a clue as to what they’re doing.

2 thoughts on “Writing For Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Clue

  1. No problem Deb. I really think you touched on an issue that many bloggers can relate with.

  2. Thanks for the link love, Jeff. I don’t usually fly off the deep end, but every now and then something sets me off. This appears to be a hot bed issue for many bloggers too!

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