37 Different Comment Form Designs

The comment form doesn’t have to be the standard black and white, four field text box that is common place amongst the blogosphere. Instead, you could easily bling up that section of your blog, especially after receiving a bit of inspiration. That is exactly what BlogDesignBlog has done with their 37 ways to design the comments form article. The post features 37 different comment forms each designed in a different way. From horizontal fields to checkboxes to various colors and design elements, there should be a comment form within this article that sparks your fancy. At the very least, it should have you questioning the look and style of your own comment form.

With regards to the article, did you notice how many of those comments forms didn’t have a CAPTCHA image or a stupid question that humans had to answer in order to have their comment published? Keep it simple and I bet the number of comments on your blog goes up rather than down.

Based on that list of 37 comment forms, did any one of them stand out at you? In your own eyes, what makes a good comment form?

Hat tip to @nathanrice

3 thoughts on “37 Different Comment Form Designs

  1. Or just using common sense and using colored text that shows up good on a contrasting colored background. I’ve seen my share of comment forms where the text is virtually invisible.

  2. Sometimes I found comment form which unable unreadable. I mean the background color and text color do not have good contrast. I think the best combination is black on white and blue on white. About the layout, I prefer the most common one that is the comment box under the name, email and homepage box.

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