WordPress.com Now Offering No-Ads Upgrade

Over the past few years, Automattic has experimented with displaying advertisements on select tag and post pages on WordPress.com. According to Automattic, that experiment has evolved into a nice balance between barely seeing ads, and making revenue on the ads that have been displayed. Personally, I have never seen an ad on a WordPress.com powered blog but that might be because I am using the Ad Block Plus Firefox extension. At any rate, the ads have allowed Automattic to provide free features instead of more premium, paid for based upgrades.

However, despite the fact that ads are rarely seen, some people may not want to ever display ads on their WordPress.com powered site. Today, Automattic has announced that users can now purchase a premium upgrade that would allow no one, whether they’re logged in or not, to ever seen an ad on your WordPress.com blog.

The No-Ads upgrade costs 30 credits per year ($30.00) or, ($0.08) per day. You can purchase the upgrade through the Upgrades tab in your blog’s dashboard.

4 thoughts on “WordPress.com Now Offering No-Ads Upgrade

  1. well I’m hosting my own blog on my own domain as well. I think that it’s much better than to host it on wordpress.com

    but this is only my opinion 😀

  2. Although WordPress.com takes most of the hassle away from managing blogs, I too still enjoy the freedoms that are given to me by hosting WordPress on my own domain, on my own hosting account.

  3. Wow this is really interesting. A much cheaper alternative than paying to host your own blog, but I still like hosting my own blog as I have way more freedom

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