Woopra Gearing Up For Next Version

If you’re a Woopra user chances are, you’ve seen a message or two describing the servers being down for maintenance. I know I have and according to a post written on the Woopra blog, it’s with good reason. Lorelle Van Fossen, mentioned that the Woopra development team has rewritten the underlying code for the desktop client as well as the Woopra Members area. Some of the things to look for in this new version include:

  • Improvements in the Menu area interface for easier navigation and access.
  • Improvements in the visual indicators for Event Notification and other alerts.
  • Ability to disconnect from sites that don’t require consistent monitoring.
  • Improvements in the Woopra Live Chat for customizations.
  • A new Webmaster Tools tab to track Google and Alexa rankings.
  • Live visitor views with mini maps and original referrer links preserved.
  • The Woopra API will be released soon opening the door to Woopra Plugins and third party apps.

While it looks like Woopra will be committed to providing a free version of the software, they will be launching paid versions in the near future which will include additional features, multiple site coverage, high traffic sites, etc. Currently, you can only use Woopra if your invitation code is accepted which is still a week or more long process.

I’ve been using Woopra since its release in March of 2008. I’ve continued to be impressed by their offerings, especially their desktop client. I think it will be interesting to see just how successful their pay for versions become considering the most popular analytics software package is Google Analytics which is still free.

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