Win A Free Year Of pMetrics

If you’ve been interested in purchasing pMetrics but haven’t quite pulled the trigger just yet, check out this weeks prize for the BloggintTips forum competition where Kevin is giving away a free year long license to pMetrics valued at $59.00.

This weeks question is: What would be the three most important traffic details or information you would want to see in your analytics software overview, aside from page views and uniques?

Be sure to read Kevin’s post as he outlines the rules for the competition. On November 3rd, J Angelo Racoma will choose what he thinks is the best idea for a new feature. Entries must be published within THIS forum post.

6 thoughts on “Win A Free Year Of pMetrics

  1. Thanks for the mention Jeff. Pmetrics seems like a fantastic service, I’ve heard nothing but good things. Kudos to Performancing for donating this great prize

  2. I find myself getting addicted to the Spy feature I’m also using Pmetrics on Performancing to monitory the daily maximum unique visitor count to see if I can’t get a streak going.

  3. I love PMetrics. I’ve been using it over a year now and the only bad thing I can say about it is that I’m more addicted to my stats now than ever.

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