15 thoughts on “Will Digg still be a little boys’ juvenile gang center in 5 years?

  1. Ryan Miller, great point. It’s so true. And something I suppose all of us are prone to.

  2. It’s not just Digg…I think there’s a common problem with Web 2.0 sites, or more generally sites that focus on community driven content. It is a problem I experienced first with DMOZ. Inevitably a small group of fanatics form a tight clique, they fall prey to their own ego, and they fail to recognize or admit to their own biases.

  3. …if it’s overgrown juvenile delinquents or grumpy old curmudgeons. Unless it’s Digg, where the answer is pretty obvious.

  4. It seems like it’s the 15-year old trust fund kids that are the most verbally violent

  5. It is the same stuff that you see on Reddit, YouTube, and the internet in general. It is the security someone feelsfrom being behind a computer screen that encourages immaturity.

  6. I’m in my 20’s but I usually wouldn’t want to hang around the usuall digg crowd in real life! Its so hard to get good stuff dugg anymore…. wouldn’t like to think what digg will be like in 5 years if it continues as is…probably a junk draw for all sorts of rubbish.

  7. Whatever makes the money is what Digg will go with. So, it is probably the horny 20 somethings.

  8. The whole concept of Digg was basically based on a joke wasn’t it. Its just a web 2.0 coded joke.

  9. While, clearly done to prove a point and for humor, the assumption that Digg currently is “a little boys juvenile gang center” is not valid in my book. Maybe add an option “Digg isn’t a juvenile gang center of any type”.

    Then again this might ruin the joke no?

  10. Digg looks doomed. A lack of communication has led to mistrust. They have no concept of service or support. There are many up and coming, far superior social media sites which (unless something radical is done) will see them leave digg far behind.

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